Caledon Station Townhomes

The Gore Road & King Street, Caledon, ON
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Address The Gore Road & King Street, Caledon, ON
City Caledon
Neighbourhood Caledon
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About Caledon Station Townhomes Development

Caledon Station Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Argo Development Corp, TACC Developments, and Paradise Developments, located at Caledon Station Townhomes, ON. Caledon Station Townhomes. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Caledon Station Townhomes is not just a residential area but a comprehensive community offering a mix of 4,042 housing units, employment opportunities, and walkable amenities designed for a thriving population.
  • The community is conveniently located near transportation hubs such as Mount Pleasant GO Station, providing easy access to education, recreation, and significant employment zones to support a balanced lifestyle.
  • Argo Development Corp brings over 25 years of experience to Caledon Station Townhomes, emphasizing collaborative partnerships, professional integrity, and sustainable community development.

Caledon Station Townhomes: A Complete Community

Nestled in the heart of the proposed Caledon, Caledon Station Townhomes is more than just a residential development; it’s a complete community designed to foster a harmonious lifestyle. With a blend of 4,042 condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes, this master-planned community is expected to support a thriving population of 10,000 residents and provide approximately 2,600 employment opportunities by 2031.

Designed with future-ready communities in mind, this complete community is a transit-friendly, walkable oasis. Residents will have easy access to a variety of transportation options, and a plethora of walkable amenities right at their doorstep.

Imagine stepping out of your new townhouse to find:

  • Grocery stores
  • Health services
  • Parks
  • Accessible transit

All within a few minutes’ walk.

Single Family Home Options

When it comes to finding your dream home, Caledon Station Homes offers a single-family home community that caters to your unique needs and preferences. With the Caledon Station Homes highlights showcasing the variety of options, whether you’re seeking the spaciousness of a detached home or the compact convenience of a townhouse, Caledon Station has it all.

The development goes a step further to include semi-detached homes and condominiums, widening the spectrum of affordable housing options. With a total of 4,042 units, you’ll be spoilt for choice when selecting your new home.

Retail Elements Situated Within the Community

Living in Caledon Station Homes is not just about comfortable homes; it’s about experiencing a vibrant and convenient lifestyle. The community hub, situated within the development, blends shopping, dining, and workplace options into one dynamic hub.

You can start your day with a steaming cup of coffee from the local café, pick up your groceries on your way home, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many eateries. Plus, with health services within reach, you have everything you need right in your backyard, making this not just a single-family home community but a complete community that connects residents.

Green Spaces and Recreation

The Caledon Station Townhomes offer:

  • Over 75 acres of parks ponds, meticulously planned green spaces
  • Lush parks
  • Serene ponds
  • An extensive network of nature trails

Residents can enjoy these amenities for outdoor enjoyment and to nurture both body and soul, while also benefiting from the residential and retail elements of the community.

The community also promotes a healthy, active lifestyle with its cycle-friendly pathways, allowing residents to safely explore the verdant surroundings. Whether it’s a morning jog or a leisurely evening stroll, you can enjoy it all within the confines of your community.

Location: King Street & Gore Road

Strategically situated near King Street and Gore Road, Caledon Station Townhomes offers residents prime connectivity and location advantages. The development is integrated into the charming hamlet of Macville, Town of Caledon, providing a serene yet convenient living experience.

With major roadways like Humber Station Rd, Gore Road, and King St defining the community’s boundaries, residents have easy access to transit options and other destinations. So, whether you’re commuting to work or planning a weekend getaway, getting there is a breeze.

Proximity to Mount Pleasant GO Station

One of the many perks of living in Caledon Station Townhomes is its proximity to various amenities, including:

  • Mount Pleasant GO Station, is just an 11-minute drive away
  • Shopping centers and grocery stores
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Schools and educational institutions

This easy access to these amenities makes Caledon Station Townhomes a truly convenient and connected community.

Whether it’s commuting to work or heading out for a day trip to the city, the nearby Mount Pleasant GO Station ensures that you’re never too far from your destination. It’s just another way Caledon Station Homes enhances the convenience of your living experience.

Access to Provincially Significant Employment Zone

In addition to its amenities and convenient location, Caledon Station Townhomes is near the Provincially Significant Employment Zone 15. This offers residents access to long-term stable job opportunities and economic benefits, making it an ideal choice for both living and working.

With easy access to major roads like Highway 410 and Highway 50, commuting to work or traveling for leisure is hassle-free. It’s just one of the many ways Caledon Station Townhomes makes your life easier.

Argo Development Corp: The Leading Edge Developer

Behind the exceptional design and infrastructure of Caledon Station Townhomes is Argo Development Corp, a seasoned real estate developer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The firm’s commitment to developing sustainable and future-ready communities is evident in every aspect of Caledon Station Townhomes, from its diverse residential offerings to its walkable amenities and green spaces.

Collaborative Partnerships

Argo Development Corp’s work ethic rests on collaborative partnerships and professional integrity. By engaging with key stakeholders like agricultural community members and investors, they ensure that infrastructure projects optimize both economic and environmental value.

The company’s initiatives focus on:

  • the economic, environmental, and social well-being of rural economies
  • understanding their needs and optimizing project value
  • enriching agricultural communities at every stage of development

It’s this commitment to fostering positive societal change and sustainable progress that makes leading-edge developers.

Driven Industry Professionals

The team of professionals, a real estate developer-based company, brings a wealth of experience in managing a wide spectrum of projects, including residential communities, mixed-use developments, and paradise developments. Their track record and dedication to quality reflect the company’s commitment to creating sustainable and liveable communities.

Community Amenities

Beyond its beautiful homes and natural beauty, Caledon Station Townhomes also offers a wealth of community amenities. From a library and a community centre to two proposed schools, the community provides residents with all the essentials for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

The community also boasts various outdoor and recreational spaces, enhancing the natural appeal of the community.

Community Centre

The community centre at Caledon Station Townhomes is designed to be the heart of the community. It serves as a central recreational and social hub, providing residents with spaces for meetings, public WiFi, and larger gatherings. Whether it’s a book club meeting or a family celebration, the community centre has the perfect space for every event.

This central hub not only provides leisure and recreational opportunities but also fosters a sense of community. It’s a place where neighbours can connect, children can play, and memories can be made, truly embodying the spirit of an outright community.

Education Options

For families with children, education is a top priority, and Caledon Station Townhomes has that covered. The community has plans for two schools to be integrated within the community layout, providing convenience for families and strengthening the educational infrastructure available to residents.

The close proximity of the schools to residential units eases the daily routine of school commutes, offering parents peace of mind. It’s just another way Caledon Station Townhomes ensures a comfortable and convenient living experience.


Caledon Station Townhomes is more than just a housing community; it’s a lifestyle choice that offers a unique blend of convenience, connectivity, and sustainability. From its diverse range of housing options to its retail elements, green areas, and community amenities, everything about this development is designed with the resident in mind. Caledon Station Townhomes embodies the future of sustainable and inclusive living.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many units are available in Caledon Station Townhomes?

Caledon Station Townhomes offers a total of 4,042 residential units including condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes. This provides a variety of options for potential buyers.

What retail elements are included in the community?

The community hub includes a variety of retail elements such as shops, eateries, cafes, grocery stores, and health services, making it a convenient one-stop destination for residents.

What green spaces are available in the community?

The community offers a variety of green areas, including parks, ponds, and nature trails, spread over 75 acres.

Who is the developer of Caledon Station Townhomes?

Caledon Station Townhomes is developed by Argo Development Corp, the largest developer in Canada, a seasoned real estate developer with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

What education facilities are available in the community?

The community plans to integrate two schools within its layout. Additional educational facilities may be available based on future developments within the community.

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