5 Genius Space-Saving Furniture in Toronto: Make Your Condo Look Bigger
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Last Updated On: August 24, 2023

5 Genius Space-Saving Furniture in Toronto: Make Your Condo Look Bigger

Modern condominiums in Toronto set the benchmark for comfortable small living spaces everywhere. Condos are comfortable living spaces that are close to commercial areas, are low maintenance and come with a built-in security system.

They require minimum furniture and are not much of a hassle to get settled into, even with overnight guests around. Essential amenities and facilities from pools to a parking garage are available, and you do not have to trouble yourself with free repairs either; your rent covers all the costs.

Furthermore, condos are a growing trend these days and a very profitable investment. With the right furniture, you can have a well-furnished living space in Toronto.

While the benefits of renting or purchasing a condominium are glaringly obvious, the limited and confined room of a condo burns up the interest of a lot of potential buyers.

But having a tiny area doesn’t have to stifle your style or put a damper on your furnishing.

The key to furnishing your space is to be innovative, but most of all, to be smart.

Let’s see how you can furnish your condo without cramping it with large pieces of furniture. The thing about decoration and furnishing is, that the less room you have to furnish, the more character and personality it shows.

Think out of the box, use what’s available effectively, and try to give it a more open feel rather than purchasing full-size furnishing and stuffing it all in a compact area.

Here’s how you can furnish your small condominium with furniture to suit your style while not cramping your already small spaces, even for your dining room:

1. Everything Small and Compact

condo furniture torontoOne of the most significant issues you could face while living in a condominium is making it look neat and spacious but still furnishing it with the essentials and a few stylish pieces of small space furniture, even for your dining area.

Also, you don’t always have to go for the full size. As tiny space living is a growing trend these days, Toronto furniture markets have started coming out with beautiful pieces that are perfect for compact living rooms and cover all essential needs.

Furnishing a small condo may prove to be a challenge as compared to furnishing a house. You have ample space in a house and can furnish it whichever way you want. But furnishing needs smart thinking. For modern living, go for walls that are painted in light colours like misty grey, apple green, or sky blue. The lighter your walls are, the more spacious your unit looks.

Then you can furnish with dark polished wooden furnishing. The thing about dark pieces of small space furniture is that they tend to look smaller and more compact than they are, and this gives your condo a spacious but lived-in feel.

2. Modern and Traditional Furniture

modern and classical furniture

You want your condo to look homey. Living in a high-rise condominium in the middle of a city as busy and cosmopolitan as the city is as modern as it gets.

If you go for small condo furniture in Toronto only, it’ll make your home look bleak and cold.

And homes are not supposed to look cold or uninhabited; they are supposed to look cozy and comfortable. So this is where traditional furnishings come in.

Going the traditional route doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have large pieces of Victorian-style furniture that make your condo look small like a dollhouse; you could go for pieces that fit in the confined room of your home, and give a comfortable and lived-in feel to your otherwise minimalistic living space.

Think, of an antique but compact armchair, or a traditional style table with turned legs to give it some character, or a two-seater roll arm sofa to fit in your living room.

3. Multi-Functional Furniture Items

multi-functional furnitureWhen you live in a compact space, multi-functional items are the key to overcoming the challenge of a lack of living area. For instance, why buy a dressing mirror, when you can buy one with a drawer to store the dressing essentials?

Or why would you purchase a piece of small condo furniture in Toronto that needs floor space when you could do with mounting something that serves the same purpose on a wall? Be inventive and smart with your furniture purchases.

Buy things that serve multiple purposes and could help you save some floor space. Choose a study table with a set of drawers or purchase a stool that could be tucked underneath your dresser.

You can also have sofa furniture that could be turned into a bed or purchase a storage ottoman and coffee table for your living room furniture. When you shop smartly, you will have more space left in your small condo to give it a personal feel and add a few embellishments to your home décor.

4. Nature Pieces

green plant on the roomLiving in a high-rise, small condominium in a busy city like Toronto – you’re as far from nature as you possibly could be.

There’s a touch of cold, a dash of concrete, plenty of glass, and not enough green in your furniture.

You need to let go of the cold, bleak vibe by bringing in the greens and softening up the furniture décor. Plants add a touch of nature and life to your home. [1]

The scent of freshly watered plants and the lingering scent of flowers give your condo precisely the look it needs – comfortable.

“Whether you’ve lived in a high-rise for years or you’ve just downsized from a house to a condo, growing an indoor or balcony garden can be a great way to add a little colour and life to your space.”
– Stephanie Fereiro, Economical

5. Mirrors

mirror on the wallMirrors give the illusion of space. If you lack it, create it. It is one of the most contemporary ways to furnish your condo on a budget. You can use mirrors to make your home look more spacious since they reflect light.

Go for large mirrors with dark wooden frames mounted on lightly painted walls. This way, the mirror image of your small space makes it look spacious, but the dark frame of the large mirror conceals its size and gives the illusion of it being comparatively smaller than it is. [2]

You can even go for a furniture collection of similarly styled mirrors and create a wall display on one of the front-facing walls of your condominium. This will make your small home look more spacious, and give it some personality.

You can check out other ideas in the video below, focusing on how mirrors can make your room look bigger.

Our Final Thoughts…

Now that we have discussed the best small space furniture, you can decorate your small room, no matter the square footage. The challenge is up to you on how you can put everything in its place to maximize the space you have in your condo. Let these tips guide you in making your home more beautiful and spacious since even a small coffee table or storage ottoman can go a long way.

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