Arbour Park Townhomes

400 Northfield Drive West, Waterloo, ON
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Address 400 Northfield Drive West, Waterloo, ON
City Waterloo
Neighbourhood Waterloo
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About Arbour Park Townhomes Development

Arbour Park Townhomes is a condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Cook Homes, located at Carrington Blvd NW, Calgary, AB. The Clover Condos condos are designed for discerning buyers seeking quality and convenience. This project’s estimated completion date is unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Arbour Park Townhomes, developed by Cook Homes, offer modern, energy-efficient living with amenities like included parking, designer interior finishes, and a range of bedroom designs catering to diverse needs.
  • Located in the heart of Waterloo, Arbour Park is positioned near local attractions like St. Jacobs Farmers Market and the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, providing a perfect balance between urban convenience and connection to nature.
  • With 81 stacked townhomes in the preconstruction phase, prospective buyers are encouraged to stay informed about updates, and pricing, and to schedule viewings to secure a home that meets their lifestyle preferences.

Exploring Arbour Park Townhomes

At Arbour Park, contemporary living is redefined. Here, quality isn’t just a feature—it’s the foundation. Crafted by Cook Homes, a name synonymous with durability and design, these townhomes offer an impressive array of modern stacked living options.

From the thoughtfully landscaped front yards to the Energy Star windows and durable fibre cement siding, every detail underscores a commitment to excellence. Residents of Arbour Park are welcomed into a world where convenience meets style.

Parking is no longer a concern, but rather an included amenity, allowing for a seamless transition from the bustling city life to your tranquil abode. It’s these thoughtful touches that set Arbour Park apart, making it a premier destination for those embarking on a new home search in the heart of Waterloo.

Sleek Design and Modern Living

Step into an Arbour Park townhome and be greeted by stylish interior finishes that exude contemporary elegance. The features include:

  • Designer-selected lighting
  • Sleek millwork
  • Quartz countertops in the kitchen
  • Gas fireplace set in a custom wood mantle

These elements elevate the everyday to something extraordinary, making your home an inviting retreat from the world outside.

The design of each home at Arbour Park offers:

  • Oversized windows and private balconies for natural light and fresh air
  • A range of bedroom designs, from one to three bedrooms, to adapt to your changing needs
  • A sleek, modern solution for first-time homeowners or those seeking to expand their space

Arbour Park provides functional and beautiful homes that can grow with you.

Community Connection

Imagine living just minutes from the heartbeat of community life. Arbour Park is a stone’s throw away from the vibrant St. Jacobs Farmers Market, where the bounty of the region is on full display. The proximity to the Stork Family YMCA and Conestoga Mall means that everything you need, from groceries to a quick workout, is within easy reach.

The true essence of Arbour Park’s community connection comes alive in the harmonious blend of urban amenities and the tranquil, nature-rich landscape that surrounds it. Trails and parks offer a peaceful escape from the urban hustle, crafting a living space that is as nurturing as it is convenient.

Availability and Options

For those ready to take the next step in their home search, Arbour Park presents an exciting opportunity. With 81 stacked townhomes in the preconstruction phase, a variety of designs await eager homebuyers.

Whether you’re drawn to a cosy one-bedroom or a more expansive three-bedroom unit, the promise of a home tailored to your lifestyle is on the horizon.

As anticipation builds, details on pricing and the official sale launch remain forthcoming. Interested buyers are encouraged to:

  • Stay informed and connected by requesting more information
  • Ensure they are among the first to learn of updates
  • Schedule a viewing when the time arrives.

The Heart of Waterloo: Location Highlights

Arbour Park’s allure is magnified by its prime location in Waterloo—a city known for its blend of cultural richness and innovative spirit. Here, homeowners prioritize location convenience, seeking a modern living experience that doesn’t compromise on accessibility.

The comfort and ease provided by the proximity to diverse amenities and various locations are integral to the Arbour Park lifestyle. Residents of Arbour Park enjoy the luxury of having the city’s best at their doorstep.

From upscale dining to boutique shopping, the allure of urban life is balanced by the community’s commitment to comfort and quality. It’s a place where every day feels like a step into a future designed just for you.

Proximity to Parks and Recreation

Nestled next to the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Arbour Park offers residents an immediate connection to nature’s splendour. Whether it’s an invigorating morning jog or a leisurely weekend hike, the great outdoors is part of your extended backyard.

Waterloo Park and Victoria Park enhance the community with green spaces that are perfect for picnics, play, and participation in seasonal festivals.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of activities, from bird watching at Laurel Creek to paddle boating at Victoria Park’s large pond. Bechtel Park, with its leash-free dog park and soccer facilities, caters to both pet owners and sports fans alike, rounding out the wealth of recreational offerings in the area,

Education and Work

The value of a prime location extends beyond leisure to include education and employment, and Arbour Park shines in this arena. Minutes away lie:

  • The University of Waterloo
  • Wilfrid Laurier University
  • The nearby Health Sciences Campus of the University of Waterloo
  • Conestoga College

These institutions are renowned for their diverse academic programs and vibrant student populations, further augmenting the community’s educational landscape.

For working professionals, the David Johnston Research + Technology Park stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, hosting an impressive cluster of research and development firms. This proximity to esteemed educational institutions and key employment centers makes Arbour Park not just a place to live, but a hub for growth and advancement.

Your New Home Search Made Easy

Embarking on a new home search can be an exhilarating yet daunting endeavour. The journey is simplified with the expertise of PacificGold Homes Ltd. at your service.

The path to finding your dream home in these townhomes is paved with guidance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience every step of the way.

Featured Communities Near Arbour Park

The allure of Arbour Park is complemented by nearby communities that offer a tapestry of living styles. West Haven’s single-family homes provide an alternative to the modern townhomes, catering to those seeking a different living experience.

Meanwhile, Cassel Crossing offers modern townhomes that echo the contemporary feel of Arbour Park, presenting yet another option for potential homeowners. These featured communities, each with their unique charm, are part of the vibrant fabric of the area.

Whether you’re drawn to the silky design or the alternative styles in West Haven and Cassel Crossing, your dream home is within reach in this diverse and welcoming landscape.

A Symphony of Choices

Diversity in-home options is the hallmark of the Arbour Park area. From step-less bungalows to multi-storey family homes with legal suites, there’s a symphony of choices to suit every phase of life. This variety ensures that whether you’re downsizing, expanding your family, or simply seeking a change of scenery, the perfect home is waiting for you.

Stories of Residents

Brad and Stephanie from Kitchener reflect on their first home purchase with Cook Homes as a standout experience, praising the lack of delays and the smoothness of the building process. Derek from Waterloo echoes these sentiments, highlighting the on-time delivery and high-quality construction that have become hallmarks of Cook Homes’ reputation.

These stories of residents are a testament to the exceptional service and quality construction that have become synonymous with Cook Homes. The endorsements by residents are powerful, encouraging potential homebuyers to explore the communities for their next home purchase.


Arbour Park Townhomes stand as a beacon of modern living, where glossy design, community connection, and natural beauty come together to create a dream living experience. From the variety of stylish homes to the prime location in the heart of Waterloo, this community offers an unparalleled lifestyle. With the added support of expert realtors and the stories of satisfied residents, your journey to finding the perfect home is not just easy, but inspiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of homes are available at Arbour Park?

You can choose from modern stacked townhomes with one to three-bedroom designs, featuring stylish interior finishes and contemporary amenities. These homes provide a range of options for different family sizes and lifestyles.

Are there any community amenities near Arbour Park?

Conveniently located near St. Jacobs Farmers Market, Stork Family YMCA, and Conestoga Mall, providing easy access to fresh produce, recreational programs, and shopping options.

What recreational opportunities are available around Arbour Park?

Residents have access to a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, bird watching, paddle boating, and sports facilities at places like Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Waterloo Park, Victoria Park, and Bechtel Park. Plan a visit to experience these activities.

How can I stay informed about the availability and options at Arbour Park?

To stay informed about the availability and options, you should request more information to receive updates on pricing and schedule a viewing once the sales launch is announced.

What has been the experience of residents who have purchased homes with Cook Homes?

Residents who have purchased homes with Cook Homes have expressed great satisfaction, emphasizing the quality construction, timely delivery, and exceptional service provided.

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