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400 Millennium Boulevard, Waterloo, ON
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Address 400 Millennium Boulevard, Waterloo, ON
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About 400 Millennium Boulevard Townhomes Development

400 Millennium Boulevard Townhomes is a new townhome development in Kitchener Waterloo. Currently in the pre-construction phase by Activa, located at 400 Millennium Blvd Kitchener, ON. The estimated completion for this project is still unknown.

This development is crafting a blend of residential, commercial, and green spaces set to transform local dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • 400 Millennium Boulevard is a mixed-use development in Waterloo designed to provide residential housing, commercial spaces, and abundant green areas, aiming to create a vibrant, sustainable community with diverse living options and local economic growth.
  • The approval process for the development involves multiple steps, including city staff consultation, public meetings, and compliance with zoning laws, with MHBC Planning acting as a liaison to manage required studies and reports to ensure the proposal meets planning requirements.
  • The development’s location offers strategic advantages, such as proximity to Rim Park and major transportation routes, enhancing resident lifestyle and property value, though the construction timeline and detailed home pricing information remain forthcoming.

The Vision for 400 Millennium Boulevard

400 Millennium Boulevard is poised to redefine the landscape of Waterloo. This mixed-use development is not just about constructing buildings; it’s about building a vibrant community that stimulates local economic growth while offering diverse living options.

Imagine a place where you can:

  • Live
  • Work
  • Shop
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Search for your perfect balance

All in one place. That’s the allure of 400 Millennium Boulevard.

But what exactly does this development entail? Let’s delve deeper.

Residential Offerings

At the heart of the 400 Millennium Boulevard development proposal is a commitment to provide a range of housing types to cater to different lifestyle needs. Whether you prefer:

  • the compact convenience of apartments
  • the family-friendly space of townhomes
  • the privacy of semi-detached houses
  • the luxury of single detached homes

This development has something for everyone, taking into account various needs and preferences, including a user-friendly browser experience.

While detailed pricing is yet to be determined, Activa Holdings Inc. is committed to offering quality homes that provide value for money.

Commercial Spaces

The commercial spaces within 400 Millennium Boulevard are designed to foster a vibrant local economy. With a diverse array of retail shops, restaurants, and service providers, these spaces will not only support local businesses but also provide residents with convenient access to essential amenities.

Measures are being taken to ensure smaller, local businesses have the opportunity to lease commercial space, further enhancing the community-centric approach to this development.

Conservation Lands and Green Spaces

400 Millennium Boulevard isn’t just about buildings; it’s about creating a sustainable environment where nature thrives alongside urban development. The proposal includes designated conservation lands to preserve natural landscapes and maintain biodiversity.

Green spaces and parks are woven throughout the residential areas, providing residents with accessible natural settings for leisure and recreation. Whether it’s walking trails, community gardens, or play areas for children, the green spaces within 400 Millennium Boulevard promote a healthy and vibrant community life.

Sustainable practices like the use of native plant species and green infrastructure are implemented to manage these conservation lands and parks.

Navigating the Approval Process

The approval process for a development like 400 Millennium Boulevard includes:

  • Pre-consultation with city staff
  • Submission of a complete application
  • Circulation for comment
  • A statutory public meeting
  • A municipal council decision.

Proposals for zoning changes are also part of the process, carefully reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements of the Official Plan amendment application, which includes materials like planning justification reports, environmental studies, and urban design reviews. For developments requiring a Draft Plan of Subdivision, an additional process is followed, involving further plans for review, public consultation, and an approval decision by the relevant authority, all in compliance with the zoning by law.

Location and Connectivity

The strategic location of 400 Millennium Boulevard in Waterloo offers ease of access to various amenities and transportation routes. The development is bounded by Country Squire Road to the north and is bordering a forested area to the east, providing close proximity to the Manulife Sportsplex and an east side library branch. This prime location not only enhances the lifestyle of the residents but also contributes significantly to the value of the development.

Now, let’s explore how this location benefits the residents in terms of proximity to Rim Park and transportation options.

Proximity to Rim Park

Just a stone’s throw away from 400 Millennium Boulevard is Rim Park, a premier recreational facility that offers a wide range of activities for residents. The park includes:

  • The Manulife Sportsplex and Healthy Living Centre, which offers pre-booked activities for ice skating, track, gym, and fieldhouse use
  • Drop-in programs such as pickleball, skating, and badminton
  • Registered programs and events, including sports leagues, fitness classes, and camps

These offerings add to the dynamic and active lifestyle of the residents.

The park also features indoor amenities like a walking loop and various outdoor amenities, catering to a diverse range of interests and fitness levels. The park’s location and the availability of public transit options ensure that residents can travel easily between their homes and the park without the need for a personal vehicle.

Transportation Options

In terms of transportation, residents of 400 Millennium Boulevard are well connected. They have access to public transit routes that include schedules and stops at Rim Park, as detailed on the Grand River Transit website. The development’s location near major roadways ensures convenient access to the city and beyond, offering an efficient transportation network for residents.

While there is no direct source fact available, it can be inferred that the area’s bike lanes provide an eco-friendly and healthy transportation option for residents, facilitating recreational and commuter biking.

Stay Informed: Updates and Availability

With all the exciting features of 400 Millennium Boulevard, you’re probably eager to know more about the construction timeline, status, and home pricing details. As of February 27, 2024, no recent details have been provided on these aspects, and there is no estimated completion date for the development. However, residents and interested parties are encouraged to stay informed by looking out for future updates.

Let’s delve into the current construction timeline and status, and the availability of homes.

Construction Timeline and Status

The construction timeline and status of a development project are crucial factors for potential residents and investors. As of now, there’s no estimated completion date for 400 Millennium Boulevard. While this might seem unsettling, it’s not uncommon in the world of real estate development, where timelines can shift due to various factors.

Rest assured, as soon as new information becomes available, it will be shared with the public.

Home Pricing and Availability

Similarly, information regarding the pricing and availability of homes at 400 Millennium Boulevard is currently not available. But don’t let this deter you! Interested parties can sign up for email alerts to receive updates when more information about home availability becomes accessible. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when new details are released.


To sum up, 400 Millennium Boulevard represents a vision of a thriving, sustainable community, offering diverse residential options, commercial spaces, and green spaces. The strategic location and proximity to Rim Park further enhance the appeal of this development. While the construction timeline, status, and home pricing details are yet to be determined, the sheer potential of this development makes it worth the wait. So, whether you’re a potential resident, a local business owner, or a community member, stay tuned for exciting updates on 400 Millennium Boulevard – the future of community living in Waterloo!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of homes will be available at 400 Millennium Boulevard?

A diverse mix of living options, including apartments, townhouses, semi-detached, and single detached homes, will be available at 400 Millennium Boulevard.

What commercial spaces will be available within the development?

The development will include a variety of commercial spaces such as retail shops, restaurants, and service providers. This will offer a diverse range of amenities for tenants and visitors.

What role does MHBC Planning play in the development approval process?

MHBC Planning plays a crucial role in the development approval process by acting as a liaison between the developer and the municipality, representing the developer at public meetings and consultations and coordinating necessary studies and reports for the approval process.

How can the public provide input on the development?

You can provide input on the development by submitting written comments, attending public meetings, participating in community consultation events, filling out feedback forms, and using online platforms provided by the municipalities. Your input is valuable and helps shape the outcome.

Are there any updates on the construction timeline and home pricing at 400 Millennium Boulevard?

Currently, there are no updates on the construction timeline or home pricing at 400 Millennium Boulevard. Interested individuals can sign up for email alerts to stay informed about future developments.

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