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One Park Lane Ⅰ Condos Condominiums For Sale


Elegant living awaits you at One Park Lane Ⅰ Condos, located at 280 Simcoe St, Toronto. Experience all the comforts and luxuries of a prestigious condo building in the heart of the city, surrounded by a vibrant neighbourhood and unparalleled amenities. Let’s embark on a journey to discover what makes One Park Lane Ⅰ the epitome of refined living.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover One Park Lane Ⅰ, a premier condo building in Toronto offering luxurious suites and amenities.
  • Enjoy the vibrant Grange Park neighbourhood with access to cultural landmarks, shopping & dining destinations.
  • Benefit from convenient public transportation options and quality schools within its school catchment area.

Discover One Park Lane Ⅰ: A Premier Condo Building

condo is situated at 280 Simcoe St, close to Patrick St, One Park Lane Ⅰ is a luxurious condo building epitomizing upscale living in Toronto. Constructed in 1982 and designed by Burka Varacalli Architects Inc., the building exudes an air of sophistication and charm. As the city sees a surge in the number of condos with various building amenities, One Park Lane Ⅰ continues to hold its place as a premier option for those seeking a refined lifestyle in the heart of Toronto.

The typical sale price of condos in Toronto stands at $685,799, with prices fluctuating based on new listings. One Park Lane Ⅰ offers residents a prestigious address, with its prime location in the Grange Park neighbourhood and a selection of luxurious suites to meet the needs of discerning buyers.

Suite Features and Layouts

One Park Lane Ⅰ leaves a lasting impression with its spacious suites, featuring large bedrooms and furnished solariums that provide residents with ample living spaces. The suites in this remarkable building are notably larger than those found in recently constructed Toronto condos and are conveniently located near various amenities, such as the Lucky Moose Food Mart.

The layouts at One Park Lane Ⅰ range from 1,033 to 1,519 square feet (95.97 to 141.12 square meters), offering two-bedroom options to suit the needs of residents. The features of the kitchen include:

  • High-end stainless steel appliances
  • Quartz countertops
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Spacious island with seating

These features ensure both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Large Bedrooms

The huge bedrooms at One Park Lane Ⅰ are designed to offer residents a tranquil retreat from the bustling city below. These bedrooms typically feature a variety of masculine hues and materials, including:

  • Deep navy blue
  • Mahogany
  • Two-toned marble
  • Velvet

The bedrooms offer spacious chambers ranging from 1,033 to 1,519 square feet (95.97 to 141.12 square meters).

Residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ condos in North Vancouver can anticipate stunning views of the surrounding neighborhood in Toronto, including nearby Patrick St. These generously sized bedrooms provide the perfect haven for relaxation and rest, allowing you to recharge and face the excitement of urban living with renewed energy. Additionally, the building alert system ensures the safety and security of all residents.

Furnished Solarium

Each suite at One Park Lane Ⅰ comes with a furnished solarium, providing residents with a unique space that allows them to enjoy the advantages of natural light and a connection to the outdoors. Furnished solariums typically include a table and chairs, as well as outdoor furniture crafted from materials suitable for indoor use, creating a comfortable and inviting space for residents.

A furnished sunroom offers the advantages of plentiful natural light, convenience, and comfort. It features glass walls and a glass ceiling, allowing abundant sunlight to enter the room, making it an ideal space for relaxation, morning coffee, or even a cozy reading nook.

The addition of a furnished sunroom not only enhances the overall appeal of the condo unit but also adds value by increasing the living space.

First-Class Amenities for Residents

Residing at One Park Lane Ⅰ grants you access to top-tier amenities crafted to enhance your lifestyle. Enjoy the swimming pool, hone your skills at the squash court, or sustain your fitness routine at the fully equipped exercise room, available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Booking is required to use the squash court, providing residents with private access to this high-end facility. The exercise room also offers fitness classes, catering to various preferences and fitness levels. To stay updated on available classes, simply contact the building management.

These high-standard amenities enhance the living experience at One Park Lane Ⅰ, offering residents a luxurious environment tailored to their needs. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in a refined lifestyle, surrounded by the best that Toronto has to offer.

The Vibrant Grange Park Neighbourhood

The Grange Park neighbourhood surrounding One Park Lane Ⅰ is steeped in history and bustling with activity, making it an ideal location for residents seeking both culture and convenience. This vibrant area boasts several cultural landmarks, including Lucky Moose Food Mart, Grange Park, and Casa Loma, which reflect Toronto’s rich history and offer a glimpse into the city’s past.

Beyond its cultural landmarks, the Grange Park neighbourhood houses popular shopping destinations like The Village and Junction Gardens, giving residents a wide array of stores and boutiques to browse. For those seeking culinary delights, the area offers an array of restaurant options, including The Rex, Village Idiot Pub & Grill, Ago Bistro, Queen’s Pasta Cafe, Dim Sum King, and Kathmandu Restaurant, ensuring that your taste buds are always satisfied.

Art Gallery and OCAD University

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity of One Park Lane Ⅰ to the Art Gallery of Ontario and OCAD University. Established in 1900, the Art Gallery of Ontario showcases a variety of exhibitions, such as ‘Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s-Now,’ ‘Casa Susanna,’ ‘June Clark: Unrequited Love,’ and ‘Kazuo Nakamura: Blue Dimension,’ offering a glimpse into the world of art and creativity.

OCAD University, a renowned institution for art and design education, is also established nearby, attracting students and art lovers alike. With these two prominent cultural institutions just a stroll away, residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ are surrounded by creativity and inspiration.

Queen West and Eaton Centre

Numerous shopping choices are available with Queen West and the Eaton Centre within a short walking distance from One Park Lane Ⅰ. Some of the trendy shops and brands in Queen W include:

  • Crown Flora
  • Greenhouse Juice
  • Tusk
  • RYU Apparel
  • Armed Jewellery

These shops cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

The Eaton Centre, a large shopping mall, presents a selection of both local and international retailers, ensuring that your shopping experience is unparalleled. With these two shopping destinations conveniently located nearby, residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ can enjoy the best of Toronto’s retail scene at their doorstep.

Transportation Options Around One Park Lane Ⅰ

One Park Lane Ⅰ offers convenient access to public transportation, including the nearby St. Patrick Station and the 505 Dundas streetcar, simplifying city navigation and exploration around Patrick St for residents. St. Patrick Station is conveniently located right at the entrance of One Park Lane Ⅰ, requiring only a 2-3 minute walk to reach the station.

Thanks to its easy access to public transportation, residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ can commute to work, visit city attractions, or see friends and family with ease, promising a seamless urban living experience.

Schools and School Catchments

Families residing in One Park Lane Ⅰ benefit from proximity to high-quality schools and school catchment areas, positioning it as a prime location for those with children. A school catchment area is a geographical area from which students are authorized to attend a specific school, which has an effect on residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ by determining which schools their children are qualified to attend based on their residential address.

In addition to the excellent public schools in the area, there are two private schools situated in the vicinity of One Park Lane Ⅰ, offering families a range of educational options to choose from.


In conclusion, One Park Lane Ⅰ offers residents a luxurious living experience in the heart of Toronto, complete with spacious rooms, first-class amenities, and a vibrant neighbourhood. Surrounded by cultural landmarks, shopping destinations, and excellent schools, this prestigious condo building provides residents with all the comforts and conveniences of modern urban living. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the elegance and refinement that is One Park Lane Ⅰ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes of the suites at One Park Lane Ⅰ?

One Park Lane Ⅰ offers two-bedroom apartments ranging from 1,033 to 1,519 square feet (95.97 to 141.12 square meters).

What amenities are available to residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ?

Residents of One Park Lane Ⅰ can enjoy the exercise room, swimming pool, and squash court amenities.

How close is One Park Lane Ⅰ to public transportation options?

One Park Lane Ⅰ is conveniently located only a few minutes away from St. Patrick’s Station and the 505 Dundas Streetcar, making it very accessible to public transportation.

What cultural institutions are located near One Park Lane Ⅰ?

The Art Gallery of Ontario and OCAD University are located near One Park Lane Ⅰ, making it a great spot for culture enthusiasts.

Are there any shopping destinations within walking distance of One Park Lane Ⅰ?

Yes, One Park Lane Ⅰ is conveniently located near Queen W and the Eaton Centre, both of which are just a short walk away.