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Imagine living in the heart of Toronto, surrounded by luxurious amenities, breathtaking views, and a vibrant atmosphere. Montage Condos offers just that, providing an exceptional living experience in the bustling CityPlace neighbourhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the luxury living experience at Montage, located in Toronto’s vibrant CityPlace neighbourhood.
  • Enjoy unique amenities such as a rock climbing wall and karaoke room, plus high-end flats with competitive prices and customizable floor plans.
  • Benefit from excellent transportation options including public transport, bike lanes/paths & close proximity to a huge station for subway/rail entry.

An Overview of Montage Condos

Developed by Concord Adex, Montage is a modern residential building, offering 531 units with suite sizes ranging from 540 to 1356 sqft. Located in the conveniently accessible CityPlace neighbourhood, Montage Condos presents a perfect blend of urban living and upscale amenities for its residents.

Location and Accessibility

Montage Condos is situated in downtown Toronto at 25 Telegram Mews, within walking distance of the following attractions and landmarks:

  • Entertainment District
  • Rogers Centre
  • Spa Montage Kapalua Bay
  • PoHaku Park
  • Kapalua Beach
  • Kapalua Coastal Trail
  • Northern Linear Park

However, a few accessibility concerns exist at Montage Condos. For instance, the elevators can be unreliable, with all three rarely functioning simultaneously and affected by external weather conditions. Also, visitor parking might be restricted, especially during Jays games, as there are only 20 visitor parking spots available.

Unique Amenities

Montage Condos offers a range of distinctive amenities that cater to diverse interests and preferences. Some of these amenities include:

  • Rock climbing wall
  • Karaoke room
  • Children’s theatre screening room
  • Card room
  • Dance floor
  • Larger than average swimming pool

The high-end kitchens are equipped with integrated stainless steel appliances, frosted cabinets, and granite countertops, providing a touch of elegance to every meal.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a feature in the main living areas of the building, with some units having laminate flooring. With picturesque views of the CN Tower and Lake Ontario, Montage Condos offers a truly unique and luxurious living experience.

Suite Features and Finishes

Montage Condos feature opulent LE on upper floors and impressive finishes in standard units, competitive prices, and amenities such as a party room for them to enjoy.

Range from approximately 500 to 1400 square feet, offering a variety of floor plan options to suit different needs and preferences.

Luxury Edition Suites

Situated on the 31st floor and above, are the LE at Montage Condos, providing guests with:

  • More luxurious interior finishes
  • A separate lobby and concierge
  • Separate elevators
  • The best views in the building

These exclusive properties offer larger living spaces, breathtaking views, and a hot tub, along with being conveniently located for easy entry to the Gardiner Expressway.

A private lobby sets apart the lobby and concierge service for the Luxury Edition, with 24-hour concierge service, and exclusive elevator access, providing a more personalized and exclusive experience for Luxury Edition Suite occupants.

Despite the specific interior finishes of the Luxury Edition not being detailed, it’s evident that these suites offer a superior living experience for those pursuing a life of luxury.

Diverse Floor Plans

Eleven distinct floor plans on four floors with prices varying by unit style, give Montage Condos a broad array of options to suit different tastes and budgets. Ranging from 540 sqft to 1356 sqft, these floor plans accommodate various lifestyles such as one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom layouts, each designed to provide a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere tailored to individual preferences.

For those interested in customizing their floor plans, Montage Condos offers this option as well. More information on available floor plans and customization can be found on their website.

The Vibrant CityPlace Neighbourhood

Surrounding Montage Condos, the CityPlace neighbourhood is bustling with life, offering an array of amenities for them to enjoy in the downtown core. The area is home to parks such as Canoe Landing Park and Roundhouse Park, which are perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation. Also, the CityPlace area is proud to display several unique outdoor artworks, including Variegation, Gardiner Streams, and Drift, which form part of the public art collection of Concord CityPlace.

A variety of retail businesses can be found in the vicinity, including:

  • Sobeys grocery store
  • Pharmacies
  • Dining options
  • Various retail stores

These businesses cater to the everyday needs of Montage Condos, including handling their maintenance fees.

The energetic ambiance of the CityPlace neighbourhood, complemented by its parks, art, and businesses, guarantees a dynamic and satisfying living experience for Montage Condos.

Transportation Options for Montage Residents

A variety of transportation options are accessible. The building is serviced by bus route 121 Fort York, which stops at SPADINA AVE AT FORT YORK BLVD, and is situated near the 509/510 streetcar lines. While the exact walking distance to Union Station is not specified, the station provides access to subway, rail, and airport transportation for occupants who require it.

Bike lanes and paths are available near Montage Condos for those who prefer cycling. This variety of transportation options ensures residents can easily navigate the city and its surrounding areas.


In conclusion, Montage Condos offers an exceptional investment opportunity, combining a prime downtown Toronto location, luxurious amenities, and diverse floor plans to suit various lifestyles. With its vibrant CityPlace neighbourhood and multiple transportation options, residents can enjoy a fulfilling and exciting living experience. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this remarkable community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities are available at Montage Condos?

Montage Condos offers a variety of amenities, including a rock climbing wall, karaoke room, children’s theatre screening room, card room, dance floor, and large swimming pool.

What is the location of Montage Condos in Toronto?

Montage Condos is conveniently located in downtown Toronto, near the Entertainment District and Rogers Centre at 25 Telegram Mews.

What are the size ranges for suites at Montage Condos?

At Montage Condos, suites range in size from 540 to 1356 square feet.

What transportation options are available for Montage Condos residents?

Montage Condos residents can conveniently access public transportation with the nearby bus route 121 Fort York, 509/510 streetcar lines, and Union Station. In addition, there are bike lanes and paths in the vicinity for a leisurely ride.

What retail businesses can be found in the CityPlace neighbourhood surrounding Montage Condos?

The CityPlace neighbourhood surrounding Montage Condos offers a variety of retail businesses, such as Sobeys grocery store, pharmacies, dining options, and various other stores.