20 and 37 Cityview Drive North Townhomes

20 Cityview Drive North, Guelph, ON
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Address 20 Cityview Drive North, Guelph, ON
City Guelph
Neighbourhood Guelph
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About 20 and 37 Cityview Drive North Townhomes Development

20 and 37 Cityview Drive North Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase located at 20 Cityview Drive North, Guelph, ON. Caledon Station Townhomes. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 20 and 37 Cityview Drive North townhomes in subdivision offer a blend of two-storey and stacked styles with efficient space utilization, ensuring affordability and meeting various homeowner needs with 261 units.
  • Cityview Ridge’s prime location near York Road grants easy access to amenities, and transportation, and maintains a balance of urban convenience with natural beauty via preserved wooded wetlands, appealing to a diverse range of residents.
  • The new townhouse is currently in the preconstruction phase with no set start or completion dates, a standard in real estate development, and offers ownership benefits such as potential for wealth accumulation, premium amenities, and a blend of investment value with emotional fulfillment.

Exploring the Features of 20 and 37 Cityview Drive North Townhomes

As you approach the development, the first thing you’ll notice is the impressive mix of two-storey and stacked townhouse styles. Fusion Homes, the developers, have brilliantly mashed up different architectural styles to create a unique aesthetic that blends beautifully with the surrounding landscape.

But the beauty of these townhomes is more than just skin deep. The developers have put a lot of thought into the design, emphasizing efficient space utilization. This approach has resulted in smaller lots and reduced parking space sizes, which not only maximizes the available space but also makes the townhouses more affordable.

This development isn’t just about the few; it’s about the many. With a total of 261 units in our subdivision, there’s a home for everyone, whether you’re a young professional looking for a starter home or a growing family in need of more space, embracing the benefits of single-family home ownership.

Each unit in the new townhouse development is designed with the modern homeowner in mind, offering a balance of comfort, functionality, and style. It’s this focus on the needs of the homeowner that sets the 20 and 37 Cityview Drive North Townhomes apart from other developments.

The Allure of Location: Why Choose Cityview Ridge?

Location is everything when it comes to real estate, and the Cityview Ridge development is no exception. Conveniently located off York Road, near Cityview Dr, the development provides close proximity to a range of local amenities, including street shops and restaurants, schools and universities, parks and recreational facilities, and public transportation options.

This makes it an ideal place for those who value convenience and easy traffic access in the zone. Whether you need to commute for work or just want to explore the city, the central location of Cityview Ridge offers easy access to various transportation options.

This means you can enjoy the peace and quiet of suburban living without being cut off from the perks of city life. But there’s more to Cityview Ridge than just convenience.

The developers have gone the extra mile to preserve a portion of the wooded area by rezoning it as a wetland. This commitment to natural beauty and sustainability adds an extra layer of allure to the development, creating a serene, scenic environment that’s perfect for nature lovers.

Moreover, Cityview Ridge is located near the historic former reformatory property in Guelph’s east end. This location offers neighbourhood charm that complements its modern living spaces, providing a delightful blend of the old and the new.

Timeline and Progress: Understanding Construction Status

The proposed townhomes at 20 and 37 Cityview Drive North are currently in the preconstruction phase, moving forward with securing the necessary permits and approvals before breaking ground on the street.

As of November 14, 2023, no construction start date has been established for the townhomes. This means that the developers are still working out the final details of the project, including securing financing and finalizing the design plans.

The lack of a determined construction status, such as a construction start date, may seem concerning, but it’s actually a common occurrence in the world of real estate development. These projects often involve a multitude of moving parts, each of which needs to be carefully coordinated to ensure a successful outcome.

As for the determined estimated completion date for the development of the townhomes, no preconstruction construction start date has been provided. This is standard practice in the preconstruction phase, as it’s difficult to predict exactly how long the construction process will take.

Ownership Benefits at Cityview Drive North

Owning a home at Cityview Drive North offers:

  • A roof over your head
  • A smart investment that offers significant returns
  • Potential for wealth accumulation, especially for those who purchase at the initial pre-construction prices

Property values in the Cityview Drive North area have historically appreciated, providing a great opportunity for homeowners.

In addition to the financial benefits, homeowners also enjoy a suite of premium amenities within the community. These amenities foster a unique neighbourhood atmosphere and elevate the standard of living, making life at Cityview Drive North more than just comfortable—it’s luxurious.

However, the benefits of ownership at Cityview Drive North go beyond the tangible. It’s about the emotional fulfillment of owning a home in a community that you love, in a location that’s convenient and beautiful.

The comprehensive ownership experience at Cityview Drive North combines the financial savvy of an investment with the emotional fulfillment of premium living conditions. It’s this combination that makes Cityview Drive North an optimal choice for potential buyers.


In conclusion, the 20 and 37 Cityview Drive N Townhomes offer a unique blend of style, efficiency, and location. With a mix of two-story and stacked townhouse styles, efficient space utilization, and a total of 261 units, there’s something for everyone.

The strategic area off York Road offers easy access to local amenities and transportation options, while the commitment to preserving natural beauty adds to the neighbourhood’s charm. With significant investment potential and an array of lifestyle benefits, ownership at Cityview Drive N is a golden opportunity for prospective buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many units are in the 20 and 37 Cityview Drive N development?

The 20 and 37 Cityview Drive development comprises a total of 261 units.

What is the current construction status of the townhomes?

The townhomes are currently in the preconstruction phase, and a construction start date has not been established yet.

What types of townhouses are being built?

The development includes both two-storey and stacked townhouse styles being built.

Where is Cityview Ridge located?

Cityview Ridge is located off York Road, providing close proximity to a range of local amenities. It is a convenient location for accessing nearby services and facilities.

What are the benefits of ownership at Cityview Drive North?

Owning at Cityview Drive N comes with significant investment potential, property value appreciation, exclusive access to premium amenities, and a high standard of living. These benefits make it an attractive option for potential buyers.

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