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18 Yonge Condos Condominiums For Sale


Welcome to the luxurious lifestyle property offered by 18 Yonge Condos, located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant waterfront communities. With unique features and exceptional amenities, these condos provide a perfect balance of comfort, style, and convenience, making it the ideal place to call home.

This blog post will guide you through the elegant living options, the artistic touches, and the vibrant community surrounding the foot of 18 Yonge Condos. Discover the unparalleled amenities, convenient transportation options, and the walkable neighbourhood that make 18 Yonge Condos an exceptional place to live.

Key Takeaways

  • 18 Yonge Condos offers luxurious living with unique features and amenities, including Tom Otterness’ “Immigrant Family” sculpture.
  • Residents enjoy the convenience of nearby attractions, dining/shopping options, green spaces & exceptional building amenities for fitness/relaxation.
  • Easy access to transportation via Union Station & major highways ensures a vibrant community experience in an area known for its walkability.

Living in Style: 18 Yonge Condos

This property developed by Lanterra, HR Developments, and Malibu Investments, 18 Yonge Condos is a stunning high-rise building featuring 493 luxurious suites that cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Situated at 18 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, these condos offer an exceptional living experience with:

  • Balconies
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Open concept living spaces
  • Private bedrooms
  • Spa-inspired master en suites

What sets 18 Yonge apart from other high rises is its unique features, such as the art sculpture at the front entrance, the spa-inspired master en suites with soaker tubs, and the putting green on the landscaped rooftop terrace.

Uniquely Designed Art Sculpture

The “Immigrant Family” sculpture, a captivating piece created by internationally renowned artist Tom Otterness, graces the entrance of 18 Yonge Condos. This sculpture reflects the concept of immigration and the experiences of immigrant families, adding a touch of thought-provoking art to the building’s exterior.

Tom Otterness is a celebrated American sculptor known for his bronze sculptures and stainless steel appliances. His distinct and thought-provoking works have made a significant impact on the art world, with pieces such as “Other Worlds” and “Playground” also showcasing his talents.

Mike Niven Interior Design

The initial decoration of 18 Yonge Condos was entrusted to the expertise of Mike Niven Interior Design, a firm known for incorporating ADI Development Group’s signature intelli-space design and creating large suite interiors. They have also been involved in notable projects such as:

  • Parade Two Condos
  • George Condos & Towns
  • Noir Presentation Centre
  • Twenty-One Clairtrell Condos

The design, known for its high level of customization and attention to detail, has brought its expertise to residential projects like condominiums. Their goal is to craft unique and personalized spaces that meet their client’s specific needs and preferences. The design elements of Mike Niven are clearly visible at 18 Yonge Condos, adding to the overall elegance and modernity of the building. In collaboration with Max Ultimate Realty Inc, they continue to create exceptional living spaces.

A Vibrant Community: Waterfront Communities & Nearby Neighbourhoods

The location of 18 Yonge Condos is within the Waterfront Communities, a series of neighborhoods situated along the shore of Lake Ontario, including C1, C8, and C9. Nearby neighbourhoods include the Entertainment District, Financial District, and St. Lawrence Market, providing residents with a vibrant community and a plethora of attractions, dining, shopping, and green spaces.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the CN Tower, catching a game at the Scotiabank Arena, or enjoying a day at Ripley’s Aquarium, all these attractions are conveniently located near 18 Yonge Condos. When you live at 18 Yonge, you’ll always have something to enjoy, right at your doorstep.

Proximity to Attractions

In addition to the attractions mentioned earlier, there are other premier attractions near 18 Yonge Condos, such as:

  • 12 Yonge
  • 33 Bay
  • 18 Harbour
  • 218 Queens Quay W
  • 19 Grand Trunk
  • the Air Canada Centre

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario are also within proximity, making it easy for you to explore the city’s rich cultural offerings near the Rogers Centre.

Residing at 18 Yonge Street Condos allows for convenient access to popular attractions, enhancing the residents’ lifestyle. The close proximity to a variety of attractions enables residents to appreciate the convenience and vibrancy of living in such a lively community.

Dining and Shopping

18 Yonge Condos is surrounded by a diverse selection of popular restaurants, top-rated cafes, and unique dining experiences. The Eaton Centre, a 13-minute walk away, provides a variety of shopping options for residents to enjoy. Popular restaurants near 18 Yonge Condos include:

  • The Butcher Chef
  • Amano Trattoria
  • Adega Restaurante
  • Edomae Kiyomi – Sushi Bar
  • Pogue Mahone
  • Jazz Bistro

For those seeking a delightful café experience, Second Cup Coffee Co. featuring Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt and Authentic Teas Inc. are among the highest-rated cafes in the area. With a variety of dining and shopping options nearby, residents can enjoy a diverse range of culinary experiences and retail outlets without having to venture far from home.

Green Spaces

The Waterfront Communities neighbourhood in Toronto is home to an array of picturesque parks and green spaces, integral to the development of the waterfront and a priority for the area. Near 18 Yonge Condos, you’ll find parks like Berczy Park, St. James Park, and the Toronto Music Garden, providing a serene escape from bustling city life.

These green areas come equipped with amenities such as:

  • BBQs
  • a beach
  • concierge service
  • a gym
  • a lake/pond
  • a library
  • park areas
  • party/meeting rooms
  • public transit
  • a recreation center
  • visitor parking

There are also pet-friendly public spaces such as Toronto Waterfront, Riverdale Park, and Mimico Parklands, perfect for spending quality time with your furry friends.

Exceptional Building Amenities

18 Yonge Condos offers occupants a range of exceptional amenities designed to meet all their needs. The building offers:

  • 24-hour concierge and security
  • A gym
  • Men’s and women’s saunas
  • A swimming pool and whirlpool
  • A rooftop terrace with a putting green and barbecue
  • A business center
  • A party room with a bar and kitchen

These amenities provide occupants with the opportunity to stay fit, relax, and socialize without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day at work or host a gathering with friends, 18 Yonge Condos has you covered.

Fitness and Relaxation

The fitness center at 18 Yonge Condos qualities a variety of gym equipment, including cardio machines, weightlifting gear, and potentially a squat rack and bench press. This comprehensive fitness facility caters to various workout preferences, allowing occupants to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to the gym, the building also offers a pool and spa facilities, providing the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. These facilities not only promote physical well-being but also contribute to the overall mental and emotional health of the occupants.

Security Features

The 24-hour concierge service at 18 Yonge Condos includes the following characteristics:

  • Continuous monitoring and surveillance of the property
  • Management of access control systems
  • Monitoring of security cameras
  • Prompt response to security concerns or emergencies
  • Screening of visitors to ensure only authorized individuals have access to the building

These services enhance the overall security of the occupants.

Unfortunately, there is no available information regarding additional safety measures implemented at 18 Yonge Condos. However, occupants can rest assured that the 24-hour concierge service provides a high level of security, allowing them to feel safe and secure in their homes.

Convenient Transportation Options

18 Yonge Condos boasts an ideal location for those seeking convenient transportation. With access to the Go Bus Station and the PATH network, occupants can easily navigate the city and connect to various destinations. Union Station, major highways, and the walkable neighborhood add to the convenience and accessibility of living at 18 Yonge Condos.

Scoring 98 out of 100 in walkability, 18 Yonge Condos is a Walker’s Paradise with numerous amenities and attractions within reach. This promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, as occupants can walk to their desired destinations without relying heavily on cars or public transportation.

Union Station

Located just 500 meters away, Union Station is a transportation hub for 18 Yonge Condo occupants, providing access to:

  • subway lines
  • VIA Rail
  • GO buses/trains
  • UP service to Pearson Airport

The frequency of trains running from Union Station to Pearson Airport is every 15 minutes during specified hours, making it easy for them to travel to and from the airport.

The proximity of Union Station enables occupants to easily reach various parts of the city, simplifying their daily commute. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, major station offers a multitude of transportation services to accommodate your needs.

Major Highways

Major highways such as the Gardiner Expressway, Highway 427, and Don Valley Parkway are easily accessible for people of 18 Yonge Condos. However, traffic conditions on these highways during peak hours can be quite congested, resulting in major delays and heavy congestion.

It is advisable to plan your travel accordingly and consider alternative routes if possible. Although detailed information regarding alternative routes is not available, occupants can explore various options to bypass heavy traffic and ensure a smooth journey to their destination.


The walkability of the area around 18 Yonge Condos greatly contributes to the convenience and vibrancy of the resident occupants’’ lifestyle. With an impressive walk score, residents they have easy access to various amenities, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Parks
  • Entertainment options

This encourages a healthy and active lifestyle, as occupants can easily walk to their desired destinations without relying heavily on cars or public transportation.

Popular walking routes or trails near 18 Yonge Condos include Yonge Street, Clair Avenue, and the trails in Rosehill Reservoir and David A. Balfour Park. To ensure pedestrian safety in the vicinity, it is advised to dismount when using the crosswalk and stay within the crossover area. Drivers are also requested to protect pedestrian visibility and refrain from parking or stopping at the curb within 15 meters.


In conclusion, 18 Yonge Condos offers a luxurious and vibrant lifestyle in the heart of Toronto’s waterfront communities. The unique art sculpture, exceptional building amenities, and convenient transportation options make it a highly desirable place to call home. Immerse yourself in this thriving community and experience the unparalleled benefits of living at 18 Yonge Condos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the developers of 18 Yonge Condos?

Lanterra, HR Developments, and Malibu Investments are the developers of 18 Yonge Condos.

What unique features set 18 Yonge Condos apart from other high rises?

18 Yonge Condos stands out with its Immigrant Family sculpture, spa-inspired master en suites, and putting green on the rooftop terrace, making it a unique high rise.

What attractions are located near 18 Yonge Condos?

Visitors to 18 Yonge Condos can explore the CN Tower, Scotiabank Arena, Rogers Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Hockey Hall of Fame.

What amenities are available for residents at 18 Yonge Condos?

People at 18 Yonge Condos can enjoy a range of amenities including 24-hour concierge and security, gym, sauna, swimming pool and whirlpool, rooftop terrace with a putting green and barbecue, business center, and party room with bar and kitchen.

How convenient are the transportation options near 18 Yonge Condos?

18 Yonge Condos boast an impressive walkability score of 98 out of 100, making transportation options near the residence highly convenient. Additionally, occupants can easily access to the major highways, and the PATH network.