177 Cross Avenue Condos

177 Cross Av, Oakville, Ontario
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Address 177 Cross Av, Oakville, Ontario
City Oakville
Neighbourhood Oakville
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About 177 Cross Avenue Condos Development

177 Cross Avenue Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase, located at 177 Cross Av, Oakville, ON. 177 Cross Avenue Condos luxurious urban living experience, modern features, and quality appliances. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 177 Cross Avenue Condos in Oakville provides a luxurious urban living experience with 720 units and retail spaces, offering modern features, and quality appliances, and is ideally located near major transportation hubs, including the Oakville GO Transit Station and major highways.
  • The condo’s proximity to ample green spaces like Bronte Creek Provincial Park and Sixteen Mile Creek, as well as recreational centers like Glen Abbey Golf Club, emphasizes its commitment to a lifestyle balanced with nature and outdoor activities, catering to both nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Strategic location and connectivity are highlighted through accessible transportation options, with nearby public transit offering seamless city access, and plans for the Lakeshore West Expansion to improve regional travel. The development also provides significant educational and healthcare accessibilities, along with ample parking for residents and visitors.

Exploring 177 Cross Avenue Condos

Conveniently located in the evolving urban tapestry of Oakville, 177 Cross Avenue Condos stand as a testament to modern living, where every detail is crafted with the urbanite in mind. Not just a residence but a vibrant community, this multi-tower mixed-use marvel features a grand total of 720 residential units, complemented by a curated selection of retail spaces.

It’s a place where living spaces are designed not just for comfort but for the contemporary spirit, boasting features and quality appliances that cater to the very essence of urban sophistication.

With its prime location near Downtown Oakville, comprehensive amenities, and seamless access to transportation hubs, 177 Cross Avenue emerges as a coveted choice for both residents and investors.

Prime Location and Accessibility

The allure of 177 Cross Avenue Condos is magnified by its prime location, where convenience is not a luxury but a standard. Major arteries like the QEW and 407 highways are a stone’s throw away, providing vital connectivity for road commuters and ensuring that the heart of downtown Toronto is less than 45 minutes away.

Furthermore, the proximity to the Oakville GO Transit Station and Oakville Transit Bus Terminal, a mere 2-minute stroll from your doorstep, redefines the ease of city travel and beyond. It is this blend of major highway access, public transportation, high-end golf courses, entertainment options and everyday services, and nearby public transit options that positions these condos as an optimally accessible and conveniently located haven for residents.

Architectural Elegance and Unit Specifications

As one gazes upon the 177 Cross Avenue Condos, it’s the modern canopy structures that catch the eye, a signature of the development’s contemporary elegance. These canopies are more than just an aesthetic statement; they provide residents with practical protection from the elements, marrying form with function in a seamless display of architectural prowess.

Community and Lifestyle

Life at 177 Cross Avenue Condos is a symphony of experiences, where the mixed-use towers not only house residential spaces but also open their arms to a retail space that promises to serve every need. Indulge in the diverse dining options that downtown Oakville offers, from the authentic Italian flavors at Verace Restaurant to the casual chic of Harpers Landing.

The cultural tapestry is rich here, with the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts and other entertainment venues offering a range of experiences just a heartbeat away from home. With the anticipated availability of ample retail space and convenient parking solutions within the complex, 177 Cross Avenue Condos is poised to become a self-sufficient oasis for potential residents.

Embracing Nature at 177 Cross Avenue

177 Cross Avenue Condos offers a unique urban living experience, harmoniously integrated with the natural surroundings of Oakville. Here, urban convenience is perfectly balanced with a serene connection to nature, beckoning those who seek solace in the beauty of the outdoors while remaining enveloped in the comforts of modern living.

Parks and Green Spaces

Nature’s embrace is felt with immediate proximity to Sixteen Mile Creek, Bronte Creek Natural Park, and Lions Valley Park, all adding to the allure of living at 177 Cross Avenue Condos. Bronte Creek Provincial Park, a sanctuary of greenery, offers amenities like an 8-acre outdoor pool, a children’s farm, picnic areas, and 13 kilometers of trails that cater to the needs of nature enthusiasts — all of which are just moments away.

Lions Valley Park and Sixteen Mile Creek are the perfect backdrops for outdoor activities, offering residents scenic beauty and a chance to engage with nature. The development itself is a green oasis, boasting over 300 kilometers of trails and a verdant environment, thanks to a canopy of trees that contribute to a cooler and more relaxing atmosphere.

Recreational Centers and Outdoor Activities

For the fitness and golf aficionados, 177 Cross Avenue Condos provides easy access to a selection of high-end golf courses, including the Glen Abbey Golf Club, a name synonymous with golfing prestige. The Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, located nearby, is a hub for a variety of outdoor activities, ensuring that recreational pursuits are always within reach.

The availability of such esteemed recreational centers significantly enhances the upscale lifestyle and the high quality of life for the residents of 177 Cross Avenue Condos.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The commitment to green spaces within the 177 Cross Avenue development is evident, aimed at promoting a healthier living environment for all its residents. Landscaped gardens and rooftop terraces offer not just areas for relaxation but are social hubs where one can connect with neighbours amidst a verdant setting.

The infusion of plants and trees in these spaces enhances air quality, creating a more pleasant living experience and contributing to the physical and mental well-being of residents. It is a testament to the development’s dedication to providing a living space that is not only luxurious but also nurturing and life-enhancing.

A Hub of Connectivity and Convenience

177 Cross Avenue Condos is envisioned as a bastion of modern urban living, with a design that places a strong emphasis on public transit accessibility across its three mixed-use towers.

Transportation Options Galore

The breadth of transportation options available to residents of 177 Cross Avenue Condos is unparalleled. The Oakville GO Transit Station and Oakville Transit Bus Terminal are practically on the doorstep, offering a seamless connection to the city and beyond.

Major highways such as the QEW are within easy reach, making the journey to downtown Toronto a breeze and further enhancing the connectivity of the development. The upcoming Lakeshore West Expansion, which includes improvements to CN Rail Lines, promises to revolutionize regional travel with more frequent trains and improved stations, cementing 177 Cross Avenue Condos as a hub of transportation options.

With an array of local and regional transit services like Burlington Transit, MiWay, and the TTC at one’s disposal, residents truly have the world at their fingertips, all connected through the rail lines.

Educational and Health Provisions

Access to quality education and healthcare is another cornerstone of the 177 Cross Avenue Condos experience. Sheridan College, with its reputed arts programs, is conveniently a five-minute drive away, offering residents and their families exceptional educational opportunities.

The Lucky Health Center, among other healthcare facilities, ensures that residents have convenient access to medical services, contributing to a community where well-being is a priority.

Ample Parking and Transit Solutions

Parking is often a concern in urban areas, but not so at 177 Cross Avenue Condos. Here, ample parking is a feature, not an afterthought, catering to the needs of both residents and visitors.

With 570 underground parking spaces reserved for residents and an additional 75 spaces for guests, the development ensures that the practicalities of vehicle storage are well taken care of.

Customized Living Experience

At 177 Cross Avenue Condos, the living experience is personalized to suit the individual tastes and needs of its residents, offering a modern and urban destination focused on public transit accessibility.

Innovative Home Features

Innovation is at the heart of 177 Cross Avenue Condos, where the design includes buildings connected by a shared podium, potentially housing retail space for the ultimate in convenience and contemporary living.

Tailored Amenities

The tailored amenities at 177 Cross Avenue Condos cater to a diverse set of lifestyles found in nearby neighbourhoods, including:

  • Nature enthusiasts who seek the tranquility of nature
  • Outdoor adventurers who enjoy exploring trails, forests, and meadows
  • Urban dwellers who thrive in the bustling city life

With over 300 km of trails, forests, and meadows nearby, the development is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike, offering a range of activities right at their doorstep, all easily accessible using both metric and imperial units for distance measurement.


As we conclude this exclusive overview of 177 Cross Avenue Condos, it’s clear that this is not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle choice that offers luxury, convenience, and a deep connection with nature and community. From the elegant architectural designs to the lush green spaces, from the unparalleled connectivity to the thoughtfully tailored amenities, every aspect of 177 Cross Avenue Condos has been designed to enrich your life and elevate your living experience.

Let the allure of a lifestyle that balances urban sophistication with natural serenity inspire your next move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of retail spaces can I expect at 177 Cross Avenue Condos?

At 177 Cross Avenue Condos, you can expect a range of retail spaces, such as everyday services, dining, and shopping options, providing convenience and variety for residents.

Are there any educational institutions near 177 Cross Avenue Condos?

Yes, Sheridan College is located just a five-minute drive from 177 Cross Avenue Condos, providing easy access to higher education. This offers convenient access to higher education for residents.

How does the location of 177 Cross Avenue Condos enhance its accessibility?

The location of 177 Cross Avenue Condos enhances its accessibility through its proximity to major highways like the QEW and 407, as well as the Oakville GO Transit Station and Bus Terminal, providing convenient access to transit options.

Are there any provisions for parking at 177 Cross Avenue Condos?

Yes, 177 Cross Avenue Condos provides ample parking with 570 underground spaces for residents and 75 spaces for visitors.

Can nature enthusiasts find outdoor activities near 177 Cross Avenue Condos?

Nature enthusiasts living near 177 Cross Avenue Condos can easily find a variety of outdoor activities, including trails and parks such as Bronte Creek Natural Park, Lions Valley Park, and Sixteen Mile Creek. Enjoy the natural surroundings and explore the numerous options available.

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