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Massey Square Condos is a developed condo by Plaza, located at 1000 King St W & 39 Shank St Toronto, ON. The condos are surrounded by a lively neighbourhood providing diverse dining and entertainment options, easy access to parks and recreational activities, and an on-site complex featuring essential services like supermarkets and medical centers. This project was completed in 2002.

Key Takeaways

  • Massey Square Condos in Toronto’s King Street West offers a range of units for sale or rent, boasting modern finishes and on-site amenities such as a gym and 24-hour security, catering to the needs of first-time buyers and long-term investors alike.
  • The condos are surrounded by a lively neighbourhood providing diverse dining and entertainment options, easy access to parks and recreational activities, and an on-site complex featuring essential services like supermarkets and medical centers.
  • Residents benefit from excellent connectivity with convenient access to streetcars, buses, and the Don Valley Parkway, along with a variety of living spaces from 1 to 2-bedroom units to accommodate different lifestyle needs and budgets.

Exploring Massey Square Condos: A Gem in Toronto’s Real Estate

The property is nestled in the vibrant King Street West, Massey Square Condos epitomize contemporary and chic city living. With nearly 200 units available for sale or rent, this building is a beacon for first-time buyers and seasoned investors alike. The distinct architectural design of two-storey townhomes sets these Crescent Town Condo units apart, adding a unique charm to the Crescent Town landscape. Just a short walk from Crescent Town Rd, residents can enjoy easy access to the bustling neighbourhood and great parking spaces.

Extended stays by residents at Massey Square Condos highlight the high standard of living provided on the property, which includes reasonable maintenance fees. The average ownership period of the buildings is 9.2 years, a clear indicator of a satisfied community and robust neighbourhood connections. The ground floor hosts a dry cleaner, an RBC Bank, and the bustling City Market grocery store, ensuring daily essentials are at your doorstep.

Suite Features & Floor Plans

The design of spacious suites at Massey Square Condos prioritizes both comfort and style. With a variety of unit sizes and layouts and zero soundproofing between floor & ceiling of units, potential residents can choose from spaces that suit their unique needs and preferences. These condos offer modern finishes and balconies in select suites, providing residents with a slice of relaxation amidst the bustling city.

Kitchens, often considered the heart of a home, are impeccably designed at Massey Square to leave a lasting impression. Equipped with stainless steel appliances and sleek granite counters, these kitchens blend functionality and style seamlessly. The units range from approximately 500 to 1,500 square feet, offering a diverse selection to accommodate different preferences and requirements.

Building Amenities & Security

In Massey Square, the sense of comfort transcends the individual units. Residents can enjoy a range of amenities including a gym, meeting room, and party room. Visitor parking is also available at Massey Square, providing convenience for guests. The neighbourhood rent offers great value for the quality of living in this area.

The fitness center at Massey Square rivals any top-tier gym in Liberty Village. It is equipped with:

  • A pool
  • A handball court
  • A fitness room
  • A sauna
  • Park

A club room and social services are also available, providing recreational options for every resident. Safety is paramount at Massey Square, with 24-hour security measures in place to ensure residents’ peace of mind.

The Vibrant Neighbourhood Around Massey Square

Nestled in the midst of a lively neighbourhood, Massey Square Condos provide a wealth of dining, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. Residents have access to prominent dining establishments such as Fran’s Restaurant and Bar and Stages Restaurant & Lounge, providing a diverse culinary scene right at your doorstep.

Entertainment venues and cinemas in East York and surrounding areas such as:

  • King West’s Fashion and Entertainment Districts
  • Yonge and Dundas Square
  • Massey Hall
  • Ed Mirvish Theatre

With a variety of open houses just a stone’s throw away on Shank Street, occupants never miss out on any action and always have something exciting to look forward to, especially in a vigorous neighbourhood, including new listings.

The convenience factor is amplified with an on-site shopping and service complex, featuring:

  • a supermarket
  • a medical centre
  • a pharmacy
  • a dentist

Additionally, grocery stores like Liberty Village Metro and FreshCo are within walking distance, making daily errands a breeze.

Dining & Entertainment

The food scene around Massey Square Condos mirrors the city’s own vibrancy. Highly-rated dining establishments such as Fran’s Restaurant and Bar and Stages Restaurant & Lounge offer a myriad of palate-pleasing options.

But the gastronomical journey doesn’t stop there. For a more relaxed dining experience, occupants can visit Golden Wok Chinese Restaurant, Master Pizzeria, or Rising Star West Indian, all located just a short stroll away. Need a caffeine fix or a quick bite? Daily Perk Coffee Co Ltd, Country Style, and Dawes Cafe can cater to these cravings.

Parks & Recreation

Just as green spaces and parks provide respite in a town, Trinity Bellwoods Park, the vicinity of Massey Square Condos is generously dotted with these tranquil spots. They have convenient access to several parks and recreational spots, such as Dentonia Park Club House, Maryland Park, and Donora Park, with visitor parking providing the perfect escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Taylor Creek Park, located nearby, offers a variety of outdoor recreational options, from hiking to on-leash dog walking. This pet-friendly environment ensures all family members, including furry ones, can enjoy the outdoors.

Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the facilities at Dentonia Park Club House, which boasts a range of sports amenities, such as baseball, cricket, tennis, and a golf course.

Seamless Connectivity: Transportation Options

Thanks to a multitude of commuting choices, Massey Square Condos occupants can easily connect with the rest of the town. Streetcars and buses are readily available, making commuting within the town a breeze. These services typically operate around the clock, ensuring convenience at any hour.

Occupants of the buildings also enjoy entry to the Don Valley Parkway, which allows for faster travel to different parts of the town and beyond. Easy entry to Gardiner Expressway. This accessibility provides them with convenience and efficiency in their daily transport, whether they’re heading to work or exploring the town.

Living Spaces: From 1 Bed to Spacious 2 Bed Units

Accommodating diverse lifestyle needs and budgets, Massey Square Condos offers a selection of 1 and 2-bedroom condos for sale and rent. From 1 Bedroom & 1 Bathroom units to 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom units, there’s a living space to suit every resident’s needs.

The 1 and 2-bedroom units provide ample living areas, ranging in size from approximately 500 to 1,500 square feet. This gives occupants the freedom to choose a space that suits their needs, whether they’re single professionals, couples, or growing families, and allows them to explore more listings within the community.

Community Snapshot: Demographics & Lifestyle

Reflecting the city’s own diversity, the community around Massey Square Condos is incredibly varied. With an average household income of $90,926, an average household size of 2 persons, and a median resident age of 40, the area is home to a mix of professionals, families, and retirees.

Detached homes dominate the housing landscape in the area, reflecting the preference for spacious, standalone residences among the local population. The occupants are educated in a variety of fields, from Personal, Protective, and transit Services to Architecture and engineering, and Agriculture and Natural Resources. This broad spectrum of skills contributes to a dynamic and vibrant community.


Massey Square Condos offer a blend of town living and community charm. With a range of suite features, building amenities, and a vibrant neighbourhood, it’s more than a place to live—it’s a lifestyle. From dining and entertainment options to parks and transportation, everything you need is within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities are available at Massey Square Condos?

At Massey Square Condos, occupants have a way into amenities such as a gym, meeting room, party room, and 24-hour security for their convenience.

What dining options are available near Massey Square Condos?

You can enjoy a variety of dining options near Massey Square Condos, including Fran’s Restaurant and Bar, Stages Restaurant & Lounge, and several casual dining spots.

What transportation options are available for residents?

They have a way into streetcars, buses, and the Don Valley Parkway for transit options.

What unit options are available at Massey Square Condos?

You can find a variety of 1 and 2 bedrooms available for sale or rent.