New Condos For Sale in Don Mills and Eglinton

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About The New Condos in Don Mills and Eglinton
New Condo For Sale In Don Mills and Eglinton

This city has had quite a reputation for its modern yet rural architectural layout adopted by the houses of the locality. It would explain why it has quite the popularity among folks looking for properties. Don Mills and Eglinton condos have been under massive developments as of recently, so it is becoming a comfortable living location and still has many condominiums available for purchase.

Don Mills has a lot of history behind it that can be traced back to the world war 2, and the Europeans inhabited the area itself during the 1800s. While it retains a lot of its rural and suburban roots, the location is apt for new tenants as it is within proximity to the city of Toronto and has quite notable attractions of its own.

Location & Development

The development of Don Mills and Eglinton condos crossing which encompasses four intersections present in the locality has set in motion significant changes to the highway-like stretches and the suburban neighborhoods. On the Northwest corner of the intersection of the town is the master-planned community for the Celestica site.

This condominium master plan is called Wynford Green which brings forth massive changes like the addition of thousands of new residential units, office space, retail, office space, a new community center and even more green spaces to improve the eco-friendliness of the area.


While the Wynford Green plan will have the region looking beautiful with its careful paving of green spaces, it is essential to mention the existing and upcoming attractions of the area that will keep you busy and exploring and still have you find something new. Don Mills and Eglinton condos for sale will give you several parks to enjoy the natural beauty and to have fun or meet people.

The main attraction, the parks such as the Bond Park has a vast sports field and an arena. The Moccasin Trail Park is also there which is connected to the Don Valley Parkway by a pedestrian tunnel underneath. Current Don Mills and Eglinton condos in the location will bring a new cultural aspect to the area as there will be a new park, the Ismaili Centre and the Aga Khan Museum.

The museum will provide an exhibition space for Islamic art and history while the Ismaili Centre will be for representing the Ismaili community of Canada. A Science Center Station is also being constructed which will be built in the corner of Don Mills and Eglinton. A part of this Science Center Station will also be located underground. The Science Center Station will help foster technological and economic growth for the avenue and its residents.

Don Mills and Eglinton Condos: The Verdict

Don Mills and Eglinton condos are looking to see significant changes that will bring more comfort to its current residence while opening even better living quarters for those interested in living in this new neighborhood. The condo developments available are not only attractive but is situated in areas that are practical and easier for the commute.

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