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About New Condos in Bowmanville, Ontario

The quaint little town of Bowmanville is quite some area short of a real city. Yet, it boasts of decent development over the past years, particularly when it comes to Bowmanville real estate.

This town bordering a lake offers the homeowners a serene, relaxed lifestyle amidst natural beauty.

But that is not to say that urban amenities and modern conveniences are lacking in any way.

Its residents enjoy the best of both worlds. There is a train station, secondary schools, new units developments coming up and easy access to large cities nearby.

This city is located in the Clarington Municipality of the Durham region.

Further, it currently looks forward to the completion of numerous residential and commercial developments that are underway right now.

Certainly, this small town of Bowmanville is expecting a perceptible increase in population in the coming days.

Also, in the coming 5 years, the Bowmanville community is expected to invest a considerable amount of money, particularly condo development.

With mostly new condo development, you will find a range of stunning infrastructure projects estimated. This will create around 4000 new jobs for the residents and the people in the surrounding towns of Bowmanville.

Real Estate Market in Bowmanville

Talking about the expansion of the city here with construction of condos, it is in a state of boom with more and more developers.

Requesting building permits from the city, the place has expanded to undertake residential and commercial developments.

Thus, investing in the development in and around Bowmanville is a wise financial decision.

Also, its close proximity to highways 401 and 407, makes Toronto just about 45 minutes away.

Residential construction in Bowmanville starts at a price of $338 per square foot for low-rise homes.

The pre construction appreciation price of property has been 8.6 per cent for the last 10 years.

On the other hand, the resale property price has increased around 10 per cent in the last 10 years.

Like everywhere else in Canada, you can identify real estate professionals who belong to the Canadian Real Estate Association too offering the best of their services across the towns of Canada.

Both sale as well as assignment sale of new condos, Bowmanville, and realty locations coming up in the community are hot right now and increasing in volume.

Between high-rise and low-rise homes, either in the planning stage, under construction or fully done, you can find around 9 new developments, some of them condo developments.

As newer people start living here, more houses are expected to spring up in Bowmanville at an affordable price.

Living in Bowmanville – The Neighbourhood

Aligning the beautiful green streets, land fronted with a lake, parks, and several conservation areas which its residents love to relax in, this place gives you more than the rest of the areas.

You will take a walk around an area which has seen rapid development, and has its nearness to the highway.

Certainly, with several such amazing amenities offered to the clients, you will find an increase in people coming here to settle from outside.

The realtors can offer you both budget and high-end properties here, particularly when it comes to new condo development.

Condos typically have 2 bedrooms or more. Likewise, a majority are located in strategic locations with decent options for transportation available close by.

Close to 40,000 individuals live here. The neighbourhood in Bowmanville comprises a vibrant community who come together to celebrate several festivals annually.

A few of these include the Summer Maple Festival and the Winter Moonlight Magic Festival. Not to forget how downtown Bowmanville has a rich history and heritage.

Travelling In and Around Bowmanville

The purchase and selling of property in Bowmanville has particularly flourished in recent years, thanks to the newly completed GO train line and pooling of money into various businesses that have come up in this town!

With nearness to major cities, and a transit system that connects this town really well to others, the employment scenario looks promising too.

Upcoming Projects

Modo condos by Kaitlin Corporation: Located at one of the best areas of the town, Modo Condos is a prominent name that comes to mind. Condo units by this realtor boast of a well-designed resident lobby and party room, among others in the country.

For more information about condos in Toronto, have a call scheduled with Precondo today!