East Village FlexTowns

East Village Cobourg Community | Hayward Street & Drewery Road, Cobourg, ON
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Address East Village Cobourg Community | Hayward Street & Drewery Road, Cobourg, ON
City Cobourg
Neighbourhood Cobourg
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About East Village FlexTowns Development

East Village FlexTowns is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Stalwood Homes, located at Hayward Street & Drewery Road, Cobourg, ON. East Village FlexTowns are meticulously designed homes that offer the perfect fusion of modern flexibility and community warmth. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • East Village Flextowns offers a blend of tranquility and activity within a connected and upscale living community, complete with nearby educational opportunities and amenities like parks and Lake Ontario entry in Canada.
  • Stalwood Homes’ spacious and luxurious freehold townhomes provide optional built-in legal secondary suites, ideal for versatile living arrangements and adding value for homeowners.
  • Residents of East Village Flextowns benefit from thoughtfully designed entertaining spaces within their homes and convenient access to transportation, ensuring mobility and connectivity to Cobourg’s amenities.

East Village Flextowns: A Connected Community

Imagine living in a place where upscale living is the norm, and a sense of community envelops you. Welcome to East Village Flextowns, a connected community in Cobourg’s East Village neighbourhood, conveniently located on Cobourg’s East End.

This vibrant community, adorned with bright sunlit freehold townhomes, is designed for those who seek brand-new Flextowns that offer a blend of tranquillity and activity. Here, you’re not just moving into a home; you’re becoming part of a community that values connectivity and togetherness.

Connected community East Village is steps to the planned Elwood Park, Victoria Park, and Cobourg Harbour, just minutes, family bonding and fun are never far away. Entertain friends in open-concept kitchen designs in each home you’re all set to foster connections right within your abode.

Elementary and Secondary Schools

Education is the cornerstone of any flourishing community. In East Village, we prioritize educational opportunities with accessible quality elementary and secondary schools in the vicinity. Families can utilize the School Information Finder to locate nearby educational institutions, ensuring their kids play and learn in the best environments. This tool enables searches by:

  • municipality
  • postal code
  • school name
  • school board

Making it easier for parents to identify and access quality educational options.

Transitioning to a new area has never been simpler!

Cobourg’s East Village Neighbourhood

Experience the tranquility of Cobourg’s East Village neighbourhood, a haven of natural beauty and vibrant life. This idyllic location, also known as Cobourg’s East Village Neighbourhood, is situated close to Victoria Park, where residents can enjoy a wide range of outdoor and recreational activities and watch the kids play in their backyard.

Nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, our community enjoys unparalleled entry to Cobourg Harbour, enriching the lakeside living experience. But it’s not just about nature’s bounty; Cobourg’s East Village neighbourhood is adorned with a variety of amenities including boutique shops, eclectic eateries, and cultural festivals, enriching the community atmosphere.

This blend of nature and city life is what makes living here a truly unique experience.

Bright Sunlit Freehold Townhomes by Stalwood Homes

Welcome to the bright sunlit freehold townhomes by Stalwood Homes, where luxury is a part of everyday living. These generously sized townhomes, starting at 2438 square feet, are a testament to superior design and craftsmanship, With introductory pricing commencing from $899,000, these homes offer an affordable luxury living experience.

Currently, the East Village Flextowns are in the preconstruction phase, indicating an opportunity for early investment. Imagine the thrill of seeing your dream home come to life, brick by brick, customized to your liking.

Upscale Living Features

Each of our townhomes is an epitome of upscale living. Step into a world of luxury with our designer kitchens, wide spaces bedrooms, kitchens featuring maple cabinets, and quartz countertops, with huge parking spaces, offering both function and elegance. Each townhome is a testament to superior design and craftsmanship, enhancing the high-class experience.

The collaboration between local architects, interior designers, suppliers, and craftsmen results in a finely crafted and aesthetically pleasing interior. Every corner of your home will reflect the attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship that goes into creating your target space.

Optional Secondary Suites

One of the unique features of East Village Flextowns is the option for built-in legal secondary suites. These suites add value to the home, catering to diverse living arrangements and providing space for in-laws, opportunities for investors, or rental options for tenants,

These suites are a testament to the flexibility and adaptability of our townhomes, designed with your evolving needs in mind. Whether you’re welcoming a new family member, looking for an investment opportunity, or simply want extra space, our townhomes cater to all.

Entertaining Spaces: Host Dinner Parties and More

What’s a home without a little celebration? Our townhomes feature open-concept kitchens that seamlessly flow into operational and dining areas, making them perfect settings for social gatherings like dinner parties and game nights.

Each living and dining room is thoughtfully designed for hosting events, with layouts that foster a welcoming environment for friends and family. Whether it’s a formal dinner party or a casual games night, our inhabitant spaces are dedicated to entertaining friends, ensuring an enjoyable experience for each guest regardless of the occasion.

Dining Rooms

Our dining rooms are more than just spaces to eat; they are places where memories are made. Part of the open concept space, our dining rooms foster a welcoming environment for social gatherings.

Designed with contemporary inhabitants in mind, they cater seamlessly to celebratory meals and facilitate hosting. These dining areas are crafted for special occasions, ensuring that hosting meals and celebrations is both elegant and convenient.

So, whether you’re hosting a grand celebratory meal or a cozy dinner for two, our dining rooms are ready to make it unforgettable.

Extra Family Room and Guest Room

At East Village Flextowns, we understand that every family’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer versatile spaces that can adapt to your changing needs, including large bedrooms and extra family rooms that can function as extra family space.

These adaptable spaces are designed and the construction of spaces, to serve as either home offices or guest rooms, ensuring flexibility for homeowners. Each space is sunlit, contributing to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere within the home.

So, whether you’re setting up a home office, creating a playroom for the kids, or expecting guests, our townhomes adapt to fit your life.

Accessibility and Transportation

Getting around is a breeze in East Village Flextowns. With a local rail train station, easy entry to King St, and proximity to main highways like Highway 401, residents enjoy efficient transportation options.

Whether you’re commuting to work, going shopping, or heading out to enjoy the city’s entertainment options, you’ll find it easy and convenient. Additionally, the neighbourhood has excellent public transportation, including bus services, supplementing the mobility of East Village Flextowns’ residents.

This connected community East Village offers ensures that whether you’re a driver, a cyclist, or a pedestrian, you’ll find your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Just Minutes Away

Staying in East Village Flextowns means you’re never far from what you need. Our society is conveniently located just a 10-minute drive away from a variety of central amenities in Cobourg, ensuring residents have quick entrance to shops, restaurants, and cultural hotspots such as planned Elwood Park, Rail Train Station, and nearby amenities.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a shopping spree, or a cultural exploration, you’re just a short drive away. With everything so close, you’ll have more time to enjoy the things you love.


In summary, East Village Flextowns is more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. From the connected society atmosphere to the high-class features, from the versatile spaces to the ease of transportation, every aspect of East Village Flextowns is thoughtfully designed to enhance your residence experience.

So, why wait? Your goal space in East Village Flextowns is waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What educational facilities are available in East Village Flextowns?

In East Village Flextowns, you’ll find accessible quality elementary and secondary schools nearby, prioritizing educational opportunities for society.

What are some features of the townhomes by Stalwood Homes?

Stalwood Homes’ townhomes offer designer kitchens, superior craftsmanship, and optional secondary suites, providing a range of appealing qualities for potential homeowners.

What are some of the amenities close to East Village Flextowns?

You’ll find shops, restaurants, and cultural hotspots just a 10-minute drive away from East Village Flextowns in Cobourg. Enjoy easy entrance to central amenities!

What transportation options are available in East Village Flextowns?

In East Village Flextowns, you can easily navigate the area with a local rail train station, entrance to King St, nearby highways, and reliable bus services. Enjoy the convenient transportation options available to you.

Are the townhomes adaptable to changing needs?

Yes, the townhomes offer versatile spaces that can be utilized for various needs, such as extra-family spaces, home offices, or guest spaces.

You can check out more pre-construction condos in Cobourg.

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