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The Onni Group of Companies founded over half a century ago are one of the largest and most established developers in North America. They offer residential and industrial properties across the North American cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix, Toronto, and Vancouver. The Onni group specializes in construction, heritage restoration, and real estate acquisitions. Over the 50 years of existence and evolution in the real estate industry, they have built over 12,000 homes, own and manage more than 6,200 rental apartments, constructed above 9.5 million square feet of office, retail and industrial space. In addition to that, they have 24 million square feet of space at different stages of development. Apart from real estate, the Onni Group is also open to investment opportunities with a view to support well-developed growth plans and protect the best interests of the group as a whole.


The Onni Group of Companies constantly expresses its commitment to its customers, employees, and partners in the form of continuous and ever-improving dedication to quality, innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. The company acknowledges its responsibility to the customers and the community and takes every effort to provide them with long-lasting services. With the passion for building world-class urban communities, the members of Onni Group give their best right from the quality of design, incorporation of innovation and sustainability thereby creating exceptional communities for their customers to live, work and play.


The investment division of the Onni Group symbolizes their philosophy of collaborating with management teams to create shareholder value by actively participating in their vision of well-structured progress. The group is generally more inclined towards a long-term approach to each investment opportunity. The kinds of transactions the Onni group deals with are management buy-outs, recapitalizations, divestitures of non-core operations, shareholder buyouts, consolidation of fragmented industries, take privates and LBO’s and venture funding. The company is also particular about certain transaction criteria based on which it decided its investments. They believe that the essence of the acquisition is not the size of the transaction, but the potential to expand profitably both internally and externally. Though the Onni group prefers Canadian and US-based investments, it does not shut off opportunities from different geographical locations and industries.


The Onni Group of Companies have always adhered to the principle of giving back to the community from which they derive. It is a process of sustenance and enhancement of the neighborhoods they touch. Essentially, they focus on incorporating sustainability features in their construction designs to ensure that the buildings they raise sustain for generations to come. The other approach of ‘giving back’ to the community has been their regular funding for numerous charitable organizations and community-focused organizations. Some of the many organisations that have received monetary aid from the Onni Group are BC Cancer Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast BC, Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Progressive Housing Society, Surrey Fire Fighting Association, Rugby Canada, West Vancouver Arts Centre, and Port Moody Public Library.

The journey of Onni group through their heritage restoration projects has been unique and most innovative. Being firm believers of preservation of great ancient architecture, they create a synergy of timeless design where they preserve the old while making it new. The Heritage restoration projects that have the mark of the Onni group’s excellence are the Boiler House, the Carpentry Shop, the Nurses’ Lodge and the Columbia Wall in New Westminster, BC; the Beaver House in Edmonton, AB; and the Union Lofts in Los Angeles, CA. Majority of these sites are historic icons dating back to the early 19 hundreds.


The wide variety of pre-construction condos made available by the Onni Group comprise of the Allwood Place, Abbotsford; Westlake Encore, Etobicoke; Centreview, North Vancouver; Nature’s Walk, Pitt Meadows; The Grande at Suter Brook Village, Port Moody; Riva, Richmond; Edgewater at Porpoise Bay, Sechelt; Fortune at Fort York, Toronto; Tsawwassen Landing, Tsawwassen; 1335 Howe and The Charlesone, Vancouver; and Evelyn, West Vancouver. The magnificent and luxurious amenities of these pre-construction condos in the GTA are simply breath-taking. A homeowner is guaranteed access to the best luxurious living style with these splendid pre-construction condominiums. The company strives hard to offer residents the best they deserve. And, their work does not end the moment a customer signs up for these humble abode. They take excellent care of their customers throughout the journey of obtaining these condominiums. Not only that, the company stays with the residents to offer them the best community security through the use of state-of-the-art technology. This way, the Onni Group makes sure that the residents are promised complete security, unparalleled luxury and peace of mind.


The Onni group has a wide portfolio of construction services consisting of mixed-use developments, high and low-rise condominiums, shopping centers, industrial parks, and office buildings. The company has an in-house project management team which spearheads all the construction operations of their developments and civil infrastructure projects in North America. This project management team is extensively resourceful in maintaining high standards of quality, ensuring delivery on time and on the whole provide the customers with an experience exceeding their expectations. Here are the amazing residential past projects under their banner in the GTA: Marquis Grande, Burnaby; 1123 Westwood, Brookmere, and Oasis in Coquitlam; Westlake Village, Etobicoke; Main Stone Creek, Maple Ridge; Glenbrook, Royal, The Carlyle, The Grove, The High-Rise Residencies, The Lookout, The Low-Rise Residencies, The Nurses’ Lodge, The Point, The Royalton, Whittaker in New Westminster; Heritage Meadows, South Verde, The Shaughnessy, and Verde in Port Coquitlam; Aria 1, Aria 2, City Homes, Libra, Room, Suter Brook Low-Rise, and The Residencies at Suter Brook in Port Moody; Flo, Imperial Landing, Ora and The Capri in Richmond; Rivers Walk, Squamish; Copper Sky, The Brunswick, and The Village in Steveston; Garrison, Local, and The Yards in Toronto; Block 100, Brava, Canvas, Central, Northwest, Palladio, Social, The 501, The Drive 1177, The Drive 1300, The Mark, and V6A in Vancouver.


The Onni Group of Companies have carved their name in the hall of fame of the greatest real estate developers in GTA. Their broad spectrum of the services they provide have made them into a despicable force. Their perfectionism in every community they have to offer a league of their own.

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