Cambridge Suites Redevelopment

15 Richmond St E, Toronto, Ontario
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Address 15 Richmond St E, Toronto, Ontario
City Toronto
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About Cambridge Suites Redevelopment Development

Cambridge Suites Redevelopment is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Centennial Hotels Limited, located at 15 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON. Cambridge Suites Redevelopment, this project promises a sophisticated union of past and present elements, setting a new standard in urban development. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cambridge Suites Hotel in Toronto’s Financial District is being redeveloped into a 71-storey mixed-use ‘pencil tower’ featuring 565 residential units on top of the retained core and shell of the existing structure, promoting eco-friendly innovation and sustainability.
  • Designed by WZMH Architects, the new building will not only redefine Toronto’s skyline with its innovative, energy-efficient façade but also offer amenities like outdoor pools, kitchens, and firepits, ensuring year-round luxury living for its residents.
  • Strategically located at the Southwest corner of Richmond Street East and Victoria Street, the redevelopment connects directly to the PATH network and is within walking distance to Queen Station, and Subway Stations, offering exceptional convenience and access to the wider city through various transit options.

Unveiling the Vision: Cambridge Suites Redevelopment Overview

In the vibrant center of Toronto’s Financial District, Centennial Hotels Limited is shaping the future. This visionary project envisions the metamorphosis of the Cambridge Suites Hotel into a proposed 71-storey mixed-use condominium building that seamlessly blends luxury living with sustainable urban planning in Toronto’s Financial District.

The proposed redevelopment is more than just a new structure—it’s a statement of eco-friendly innovation, designed to repurpose and rejuvenate the aging edifice of the original hotel, heralding a new era of environmental stewardship within the city core.

The ambitious plan primarily involves transforming the original 21-storey hotel building, which will be stripped down to its core and shell. The result will be a towering beacon of 565 residential units, offering a harmonious blend of suites-style hotel units and private abodes, all while preserving the essence of the beloved downtown hotel.

The redevelopment plan involves repurposing building materials and spaces from the original structure, thereby preserving its historical essence within a modern context.

Soaring New Heights: Details of the Proposed Tower

The Cambridge Suites Hotel is set to transform into another soaring 230.85m tall ‘pencil tower’, standing 230.85m tall, its elegant silhouette will add a distinctive touch to Toronto’s skyline. The tower to be erected will house 565 residential units, each offering panoramic views of the city, along with commercial retail space on the ground floor to engage with the vibrant life along Richmond Street East.

This proposed 71 storey mixed-use building will not only redefine the skyline but also offer a new focal point for urban living and commerce. Residents will have access to the building through a dedicated lobby on Victoria Street, and a shared driveway with the adjacent office building will ensure smooth vehicular movement.

The intricate details of this tower, designed by WZMH Architects, include an underground garage, ensuring that each element serves both form and function, creating a harmonious balance between residential spaces and the bustling streets below.

A Fusion of Past and Future: Integrating the Existing Structure

The proposed redevelopment plan beautifully reconciles history with innovation. The existing 21 storey hotel building will be retained, its core and shell serving as the foundation for a new narrative of urban redevelopment. This fusion of past and future is achieved through adaptive reuse practices, where the existing shape is not just preserved, but enhanced to support the city’s growing needs.

Significant structural and design changes will be instrumental in this transformation of the current building. Core walls will be expanded, and new corner columns will be introduced, while a cutting-edge steel frame will be constructed within the preserved concrete edifice.

These modern additions serve to support the ambitious expansion, ensuring the building’s integrity as it reaches for the skies. With a complete overhaul of the glass electrical system to meet modern standards, this project illustrates how existing structures can be updated to cater to contemporary needs, including the incorporation of the lowest transitional floors.

Green Innovations and Sustainability Features

Balancing luxury living with environmental consciousness becomes a reality with the green innovations central to this redevelopment plan, including a green roof. The building’s new façade will feature bird-friendly glass, a subtle nod to the project’s commitment to eco-conscious living, ensuring our feathered friends are considered in the urban landscape.

Sustainability extends beyond aesthetics; the redevelopment project meets the rigorous Toronto Green Building standard. With a façade that promises higher thermal resistance, the building minimizes heat loss, translating to energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

This is a signature of buildings designed by WZMH Architects, where elegance meets efficiency. Furthermore, the redevelopment plan:

  • Reduces environmental impacts, often associated with complete demolitions and reconstructions, by reusing the existing building structure and retaining embodied carbon
  • Underscores a commitment to sustainable development
  • Positions the Cambridge Suites Redevelopment as a benchmark for future projects.

Architectural Excellence: Designed by WZMH Architects

WZMH Architects, the maestros behind the architectural brilliance of the redevelopment, have long influenced Toronto’s skyline. Their designs stand as monuments of creativity and innovation, adding to the city’s reputation as a global hub of design excellence.

Now, as wmzh architects for Centennial and architects for Centennial hotels, in partnership with Centennial Hotels Limited, they embark on a pre-construction journey that is set to become a landmark of architectural prowess, symbolizing the evolution of Toronto’s iconic Financial District into a paradigm of urban sophistication.

The 71-storey mixed-use building, with its innovative façade, will serve as a canvas for WZMH Architects to craft a vision of the future, courtesy of WZMH Architects. A staggered grid of light-colored aluminum panels and transparent glazing will form a distinctive feature, one that will catch the eye and capture the imagination.

This design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a dialogue between the structure and its environment, a testament to the architectural excellence that WZMH Architects bring to every project they undertake. The image courtesy of WZMH showcases this innovative design.

The Heart of Connectivity: Location and Lifestyle at Richmond Street East and Victoria Street

The Cambridge Suites Redevelopment is strategically located at the junction of convenience and connectivity. The strategic locale at Richmond Street East and Victoria Street anchors it firmly within the pulse of Toronto’s vibrant Financial District.

This prime spot affords residents immediate access to the PATH network, an underground lifeline that connects them to a plethora of shopping and dining options, as well as seamless, weather-proof passage to the city’s most prominent attractions.

The location’s convenience is enhanced by its close proximity to numerous subway stations, especially Queen Station. Just a short stroll away, it acts as a gateway to the city’s extensive subway system, ensuring swift travel across Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods.

The nearby streetcar lines further complement the area’s connectivity, offering efficient transit options that are a boon for the urban dweller. The strategic importance of Richmond Street East’s location will be amplified with the upcoming development of the Ontario Line 3 subway.

With Queen Station poised to become a major interchange point, the area’s connectivity is set to scale new heights, making it an even more attractive hub for modern living.

A Closer Look at Amenities and Luxury Living

The Cambridge Suites Redevelopment offers residents:

  • Impressive façade
  • Optimal location
  • Outdoor amenity spaces such as green roof
  • Tranquil swimming pools
  • Elegant water features

The development promises an urban retreat in the southwest corner, where relaxation and sophistication meet.

Entertaining takes a luxurious turn with state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens and built-in pizza ovens, perfect for hosting gatherings under the stars. When the evening chill sets in, residents can gather around outdoor fireplaces or bring out movable firepits to keep the conversation glowing and the ambiance cozy.

Luxury knows no season, and these outdoor spaces are designed to be enjoyed year-round. Some features that make these spaces perfect for any season include:

  • Patio heaters to keep you warm during winter gatherings
  • Advanced sound systems for a great audio experience
  • Covered areas to provide shade during hot summer days

With these features, you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter the season.

This is the essence of luxury living at the Cambridge Suites Redevelopment – a lifestyle that caters to every desire and every detail.


The Cambridge Suites Redevelopment is not just a building; it’s a beacon of innovation, luxury, and sustainability. From its towering presence in Toronto’s Financial District to its green innovations and world-class amenities, this project is set to become a landmark of modern urban living.

Designed by the esteemed WZMH Architects and developed with a keen eye on eco-consciousness, it offers a glimpse into the future of high-rise living – a future that is already taking shape at the corner of Richmond Street East and Victoria Street.

As the city’s skyline evolves with this monumental addition, so too does the lifestyle of its residents. The Cambridge Suites Redevelopment is a testament to the sky-high aspirations that drive Toronto forward, a symbol of progress that combines the best of design, comfort, and environmental responsibility.

It is here that the future of urban living is unfolding, and it is nothing short of extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cambridge Suites Redevelopment project?

The Cambridge Suites Redevelopment project aims to transform the existing Cambridge Suites Hotel in Toronto’s Financial District into a modern mixed-use condominium building, standing at 71 storeys and featuring sustainable residential and commercial space.

Who is behind the design of the redevelopment?

The redevelopment is designed by WZMH Architects, a renowned architectural firm known for their innovative and influential designs.

How does the redevelopment plan integrate the existing hotel structure?

The redevelopment plan will integrate the existing hotel structure by retaining and altering its core and shell while employing modern structural interventions to support the new extension.

What sustainability features are included in the design?

The sustainability features included in the design are bird-friendly glass, higher thermal resistance in the façade, and the retention of embodied carbon by reusing the existing building structure. These measures contribute to the overall environmentally-friendly design of the building.

What amenities can residents expect at the Cambridge Suites Redevelopment?

Residents can expect luxury amenities including outdoor spaces with swimming pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and year-round entertainment options. These amenities offer a high-quality living experience.

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