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Last Updated On: May 9, 2024

What Are the Best Apps For Real Estate Investors?

A huge number of apps available on mobile app stores assist us in all walks of life, even in real estate investing.

For Toronto mainly, both local and international apps can help you list the fantastic real estate opportunities around you.

Most of these apps are easy to use. And as far as the real estate industry is concerned, it is a real feat exploring and hunting down the properties.

Let’s dig into a few real estate investing apps that can help increase your commercial real estate investment trust:

#1 in TabletRating: 5.0 is one of Canada’s most popular real estate apps. It helps you with both rentals and investments. It uses the MLS System listing process for sales [1].

The commercial real estate investing app allows the client to view real estate properties based on their method, the type of the property, and the days that have passed since the real estate investors posted the property on the market.

From the investors’ point of view, particularly, has a separate section for commercial real estate investments. You can get in touch with thousands of realtors across Canada.

People can use these real estate apps to browse through the various photos of the inside of the house, its exterior, the size of the rooms and the bathrooms and the width space and lengths. Another exciting feature of is that it provides you with demographical data of the geofence you mark.

Hence, as a real estate investor, you have a chance to plan your investment and its return based on real buyer data. focuses on connecting Realtors to consumers, but the site is also a rich data source for house hunters. – Hal M. Bundrick, CFP,

#2 Zillow

Zillow App Screen ShotRating: 4.7

Zillow’s real estate apps possess the power of being the most loved application of the real estate industry as it has gained a magnitude of followers since its origination. It works only inside the United States and Canada but has gathered such potential that it remains to be loved by whoever comes across its numerous benefits.

It is known to embrace around 70 million followers every month, and that is a whopping number, especially for a real estate app. The reason for its success is that it has helped clients buy properties out of the 110 million residential and commercial real estate projects it is involved with.

Moreover, people can put an estimated selling price over their homes to gather an estimated value when the time comes for moving. It can be a good reference to ensure the property isn’t over or under-priced.

People are so fond of the Zillow real estate app that the word Zillow often accompanies the searches associated with rental properties. For any area, you can get estimates and average rates of properties as per your requirements. It’s convenient and can change the real estate investor experience.

#3 Loopnet

LoopNet LogoRating: 4.7

This is one of the most ideal real estate apps for those people who have the vision of buying significant properties around the commercial area. Its features are somewhat like that of the Zillow application, but it serves as a bigger and broader platform.

People with the idea of selling commercial rental property locations with a great mindset can look up to this application and find the features that pique their interest.

The reason it is such a success is that not many websites offer the chance to explore commercial rental property locations as this application does [2]. Furthermore, many people prefer buying properties that are outside of the town, which is why it is the best for real estate commercial properties.

#4 Property Evaluator

Property Evaluator CalculatorRating: 4.5

These particular real estate apps are ideal for people who possess ownership of rental properties, hence qualifying them to be recognized as the buy and hold investors. The benefit that surrounds these investors is that they can acquire the return on investment as the clients wait to purchase and sell their respective properties.

But the real struggle that obstructs the otherwise smooth pathway is the fact that for a successful purchase, the financial statements need to be in order. These statements that required days to be fed into spreadsheets can now be calculated with the help of this application.

The data that it feeds involves the rent that the investor charges, the address of the location, and the cost that will be required to improvise the location amongst others. There does exist a con within the application. You will have to track down the owner of the property yourself, making you the person with the job to get the lead.

Watch this video to learn more about Property Evaluator.



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