About 470 Wilson Condos Development

With a total of 623 units, the plans for 470 Wilson Condos are both impressive and exciting. These amazing buildings will be built close together and in a line following the street. Behind the large buildings, will be an inviting and relaxing courtyard for all residents to enjoy.

Location & Accessibility

470 Wilson Condos provide an escape of the hustle and bustle of Downtown Toronto while still being within a short bus ride. Located in Clanton Park, just alongside Highway 401. With easy access to four nearby parks, banks, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and a hospital, the area has nearly everything that you would ever need.

Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the vibrant area of Yorkdale provide residents of 470 Wilson Condos an array of entertainment and convenience. Yorkdale Shopping Centre is home to many high-end brands and shops. It is also known for daily entertainment with wonderful restaurants, great quick eats and movie theater.

The area of 470 Wilson Condos is home to beautiful neighborhoods, with well-established homes, schools, shops, and more. The area is surrounded by many affluent homes and neighborhoods.

Features & Amenities

The 13 story building will feature all the latest and best luxuries and features. The 470 Wilson Condo tower will be in front of Wilson Avenue, and the townhouses will be located on the north end of the building’s property. Retail space will line the ground floor of the tower, alone Wilson Avenue. The amenities will be exceptional, featuring everything urban condo dwellers seek and require. Making everyday enjoyment easy.

The Developer

A company called CollecDev is developing the impressive 470 Wilson Condo. They are known for other plans such as Westwood Gardens Condos located in South Richvale, Balliol Park Urban Rentals in Mount Pleasant West, and Lillian Park in Mount Pleasant West. Focused on affordability, durability, and quality, CollecDev is definitely a company that has plenty of experience providing excellence.

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